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Author Topic: Configuring HUD display  (Read 24593 times)

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Offline Krytom

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Reply #25 - 23 May 2004, 00:28:51
freespace2dotcom wrote:
Err, why exactly *are* we talking about the UN, anyway?

My fault. :wall:
Let's just get back to Euros, or Configuring HUD display like we're supposed to be doing.

Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #26 - 25 May 2004, 09:12:46
So Freespace, what do you want to know about Euros and the EU. I'm from one of the 10 countries that just joined
the EU on May 1st. The system usually goes like this. You have to satisfy certain economic criteriae to be eligable for
the EU (like GDP, growth rates, required legislation, human rights, etc.). When you enter, in a few years you are also
eligable to institude Euro. You don't have to. UK is one example of a basically founding member of EU that did not
accept EURO as their currency. Most other countries of course did. It makes trade a whole lot easier inside Europe
and also one currency is more stable and a more serious adversary in international trade. Euro against dollar for
example is a little different than French Franc (since it was mentioned before). Has more weight if nothing else.

Of course for Euro to be stable, ALL the countries using it must also be (economically) stable. Hence all the
prerequisites and requirements demanded of the new members, before Euro is instituted. So far the system appears
to be doing well, even though there are regular problems, but that is to be expected in such a conglomeration which
has a lot of history, and not all of it good :) As far as EUR strength it is actually becoming a world standard currency,
sort of taking the USD's place, since the dollar is quite volatile, because of all the political hubbub. Far too early to say
anything final, not to mention this is not a place for such discussion, but EU and the EURO are becoming an
independant force, so you end up with roughly 4 regions in the world. North America, Europe, Asia and all the Rest :)
If any of you read George Orwell's: 1984 you know what that could mean, but that's another story :)

Of course, what I really find interesting about EU, is the mere fact that it exists. As I said it is comprised of nations
that have all but nice history with eachother (French, Germans, British, Nordic and Slavic nations) and since all want
to have their say, most things take a long time to decide, but when they do, they are accepted by all or at least most
of the parties involved. Sounds like a slow, but really healthy process of doing things. Also most documents in EU are
multilingual, which is rather clumsy but fair.

Right now, the EU has little political power in its own right, nor does it have any direct say on how things will be
done. But as the countries join the EU they give it credibility and accept what it has to say about it all. Sort of like
currency. You don't really know a dollar is worth this much, but you trust it is. And the EU current role in Europe is to
recommend things with regard to economy, politics and civil rights. Now you can accept, make your own suggestion
or reject the recommendations and risk being left out. It's a grand experiment,

In a nutshell. For more specifics ask, or check out



"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #27 - 25 May 2004, 10:09:38
mhhh politic thought ?, I love them but they can rip really fast in trash discussion,
keep it fair people. No country bashing.

I'm personnaly proud to be part of europe (from my mother side wich was german)
not because I find europe is the better *country* in the world (I hate nationalistic thought)
but because since 1500 years the europe showed more wars and violents death than any other
part of the world, german french and england and many others country where about all the
time at war against each others...

Now we have peace, and the former ennemy shake hand and are part of the same
*country* century of hate and blood are forgotten.

No one would have believed that in years 1945 and give one cents on this, it's the
most positive things that happened since last war... and a real positive sign about

1500 years of war... and now peace.

hem ... err.. back in topic: you can configure your hud to show a title "EU - peace - hud" :)


Post Edited ( 05-25-04 10:18 )

Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #28 - 25 May 2004, 10:37:20
I know politics is a shaky subject, so I always emphasize what I say is my opinion alone not to be taken as more
than that.
- I do not impose it, so people need not be defensive,
- I do not defend it absolutelly, as I find it is healthy to change your opinion as circumstances change, so I hate to
lock myself down with one opinion and defend it out of prinicple, besides, I can always be straight wrong about stuff,
- I offer my opinion to invite other opinions not to dismiss them.

I guess if the debate can be maintained in this kind of atmosphere all is well.

keep it fair people. No country bashing.
Don't worry. If someone looses their grip, we'll just end the discussion. Argument is not the goal, only info exchange.
We are scientists after all, at least by soul.

1500 years of war... and now peace.
That is exactly what I mean, when I say I am impressed EU even exists.



"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15

Offline AphelionHellion

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Reply #29 - 25 May 2004, 10:45:48
Dan: Is Europe officially one country, yet? :)
It was inevitable I guess ;)

I understand why some people are worried about "One World Government" in that there is no "opposing side" - no
checks and balances. Still, there's no reason many seperate nations can't work together on things. :beer:

I share your hopes regarding Europe's history versus its present  In some parts of the world people are fighting over
events that took place 200 years ago, if not 2,000, so it's really great to live in a time where people involved in
relatively recent horrific events (say, WWII) are able to get past that and cooperate with each other :friend:
In a way, this is possibly the first time in history where all the world powers and major players are on the same side,
more or less. :off:
But yeah, would anyone have ever taken the ISS seriously if that was not the case??
Speaking of the ISS, are they just going to let it gather dust or what??? :rant:

We need a TX!  :)

Am I addicted to Smileys? Heck yeah! Help me! Aghh! :turning:

< [yellow]C[/yellow]arpe [yellow]N[/yellow]octem! >

Offline freespace2dotcom

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Reply #30 - 25 May 2004, 12:55:59
about politics, I will defend what I say in real life, but jeez, this is a for fun forum, you know? why be
too serious? ;) I won't impose my beliefs on anyone. I know that my opinions are mine alone. And if anybody does
start a flame war over something I say, well, I just say: "I merely state my opinions to see what others have to say
about them and have those people reflect theirs to me. If somebody takes me seriously, well, I'm sorry to have
offended that person, and it wasn't my intention." (look, I'm even doing it in advance! That's how honestly sincere I
am.) The only thing I will not do is make this "politically correct" because I feel that if I did so, then it wouldn't even be
worth posting. much less writing. Okay, now that that's out of the way.. brace yourself...

Actually, I'm not a fan of the EU, but I do think I understand it's cause. I'm not going to touch on that at all because
I'd deliberately start WW3 if I did. I do believe that every institution has potential for good. just as much as it
does bad. If somebody wants to participate in it, then I wish that person luck, because I suck at reading politics, and
can't imagine anybody else doing better, either. It's just the pessist in me that believes that the lust for power and
money gets the better of even the most righteous people in the most righteous causes. (I am 9/10ths pessimist by
the way) But hey, I'd Love to go touring through europe some day. It surprised even me, but apparently both my
mother and father have been proven to belong to the lines of decent of people from the mayflower. Those people
came from europe, did they not? One thing I am curious of though, is where exactly does europe offically stop? I have
always considered Turkey to be a part of the middle east, yet it applied for admission to the EU, didn't it? If it
eventually gets accepted, wouldn't that possibly mean that the boundaries that have been previously considered the
end of europe could be expanded? Oh, sorry..  I could go on like this for hours. maybe dan needs to build a real forum
in his backyard, we could debate endlessly. ;)  and before you say no, Dan, just think, "less grass to cut"

I actually haven't read the book 1984, but I've watched the movie, and it wasn't like it was a watered down version
made by hollywood agents of disinformation. hehe. that book has a kind of special place in my mind since it was the
year I was born, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I don't know how things are in Europe. But on more than
just a few random streets here in chicago, more and more streets are getting camera's placed over street signs, lamp
posts, etc. It almost seems impossible to believe. I know that the euro would make it a lot easier to trade between
countries. That's largely because I'm a history buff. (although I'll never have a degree it it, too wasteful) The original
thirteen american colonies had their own unique currencies, not to mention the federal "continentals" that quickly
became worthless because of overprinting... In short, it was an economic nightmare, and likewise converting all of
those european currencies would be such a nightmare, but I understand the benefits of doing so. I believe that the
problem with the american currency is actually three things.

1. We are way too far in debt. And our wonderful leader isn't helping....
2. The "federal" reserve isn't federal.
I could make a nice pamphlet on it, just look for the book "the monster from jekyl island" If you want details.
basically, they make all the money from nothing, and then loan it to the government, getting free interest. what a
deal, eh?
3. The money has nothing supporting it. back in the way old days, we used to have gold coins. in the Not-so-old days,
we had silver coins. And in the respective era, paper money could be exchange for said coins. Now, we have iron and
copper sandwitch coins. the good news is we can still exchange our paper for the iron and copper coins.

And people say it's a suprise that the dollar loses 5% of it's value each year. (and has been almost every year since
the 1920's)

I have read animal farm, and I personally believe that book has a hidden meaning that people merely dismissed as
the "evils of communism" One of those meanings I will state my interpretation... the rules of animalism, there were
about seven of them, and as the years went by, the interpretation of those rules changed to benefit the rulers (the
pigs) I believe that those refer to the american bill of rights and how they gradually become seemingly less important
over time. the most notable of these being the one where soldiers couldn't stay in a person's house unless the owner
granted permission. That *does* seem very old and archaic, doesn't it? I know it doesn't happen anymore but, I,
personally wouldn't want soldiers living in my house, and if there's no protection against it, well, it can happen. I think
everybody is pretty familiar with what a government can do if it gets desperate. that's why the american founding
fathers were so persistent to get it in writing.

The power of unification is a strong thing, and I am not entirely against it. I recall a picture of a serpent drawn in
colonial times, and each of the thirteen colonies were visually a segment of said serpent, which said "don't tread
on me"
. Perhaps I'm remembering two different pictures, but you get what I'm trying to say, right? Unifying is
good, but there comes a time when it's best to be left alone. however great unifying is, the day all countries of the
world unite under a single banner and currency,  I think that the greatest thing about this planet would have died
with it. And, unlike my stance with the metric system, where I'd sorely complain every day until they completely force
feed it to me, I won't go along with a full blown world government. Period.  That goes the same with an electronic
currency based on implanted RFID tags.

But then, these are just my opinions, and everybody has them. So, to those who have some that conflict with mine,  
please don't hate me for it. eeeh.. oh crap. that serpent bit was bordering on religion, wasn't it?  I really need to
watch what I say. but then, that reminds me of sensorship, and I could get into a whole 'nother boat about that. I'm
a tad afraid of taking responsiblity for what I just wrote, but I wrote it in the faith that you all can read it with an
open mind, and respect me for it. I promise not to flame anybody! and.. uh.. take it easy! Just remember that I am
notoriously sarcastic in nature, and if some of my personality got mixed up in there to make it seem more offensive,
I'm even more sorry... whew... I think I've covered everything..

Um, you guys can put down the pitchforks and torches now... please? AHHH! Not the eyes!!!
*gets bound and gagged and then gets tossed in the local river.*

Freespace, who's cringing at the thought of a full scale flame war after re-reading what he wrote.

be merciful on me, dan. I know this is a long one.

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #31 - 25 May 2004, 14:00:55
Long.. (very long :) ) but intteresting !

for a young man you seem pretty advised and "eyes opened". We all can be wrong in our opinion
and prediction of future (I was several time) but the most important is to keep both eyes open
and an open mind.

*sorry for the "young man", it's just that at those age peoples often lack a bit experience about
how the world goes and how it's really complex. (it depend in a great manner also if the parent where
concerned by politic or world and teached this to their childs)

About europe, being pro european in the country where you live would be really ...difficult right now. (to say the less)
there was some ..hem.. difference in opinion about how both see the world and the solution to apply
to it. I don't think media reflect now a good opinion of europe rigth now. I don't think they explain
also what is europe and why it act like that. (beyond the "old europe" etc etc basic rant)

Europe is far from perfect as is my born country (swiss) and my current country (france) I'm usually the first
basher of both as I live and know both. (I lived also one years in Germany)
Anyway to advocate europe what peoples seem to forget is that it just wake up from about 200 millions death
(more?) in various war with many blood and hate. Europe is tired of war and think there should be another
solutions and I back it on this way: war is never a good solution. So to qualify as "old europe"
or "tired europe" several country that succeded to put 1500 years of blood and hate in a box and make peace
is really missing the point in my opinion. (I know this isn't your opinion, it's just to state mine in fact)

About turkey... I'm not to get it into europe, even I'm completely athée (I wasn't babtised) I have the
great feeling that all country in europe have the same root (judeo christianism) and that help a lot
to feel part of a big things. That isn't the case with turkey, its root is in the middle-east. And I'm sure
if we welcome it he might change its mind and go finally into the "United state of middle east" that will
surrelly hapen in the 200 next years. (when they will figure how to go out of dictatorship, and religious
shi.t, but that will not happen as long as we put the war there to force them to be "democratic")

And about religion, I'm glad we have a root of it, I feel nice when I hear religious music as mozart and such
but I'm REALLY glad that religion doesn't have ANY power in europe anymore...
You will rarely hear in europe anyone say "God bless..." (in fact you NEVER hear that and I'm happy about that)

*look over his shoulder and shamelesselly see the title of the thread*

But anyone that really feel the need can edit the Hud to put a title "God bless this hud" :)

"The guy that is NEVER off topic" :)

Post Edited ( 05-25-04 14:34 )

Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #32 - 25 May 2004, 14:44:52
heh, a lot has been said, and needs to sink. I just wish to add.

Yo, Freespace, don't apologize in advance. A lot of the things you say and apologize for in advance for being
irrelevant or whatever are in fact news to some of us (like that serpent), so go right ahead. About Animal Farm. I
think the tale itself can be applied to any endeavour that requires many different people with different properties to
work together for a common goal: form a country, manage a farm, run a business, organise a social group or build a
space shuttle. The bill of rights is just one such application and yes, I do agree your founding fathers knew a lot and
did things right. Which reminds me of another concept. Common enemy. Just as the early Americans had England for
the common enemy, that drove them to unite and do the rights things the right way, very freakin' fast, so too today's
globalization efforts are driving people to unite.. Unfortunatelly, we currently unite in regional alliances to confront
OTHER regional alliances. That is not exactly the right goal. But as Pres. Reagan put it more than once: if there were
an outside threat to our planet, we would unite in defense very quickly and with little problems. So I guess what we
need is exactly that.. And maybe if and when it happens the regional alliances will facilitate a unified government
faster be it for defense or inteplanetary trade. Unfortunatelly though as things are right now, us being isolated and
all, there really is no need for a global government, as you also said yourself. The only possible result of such an
attempt at the moment could be dictatorship, so why bother. Better to have a vibrant multicultural, multi-economic
system that has a life of its own.

Dan, I do agree with you that religion has no place in modern world, appart from the spiritual practice it is SUPPOSED
to be all along. I don't consider myself a total atheist, just undecided on how to interpret god. So I basically respect
all religions per se, as they in the end try to achieve the same thing. The underlying laws and traditions and culture
as a function of it though make me really happy I was born in Europe as a white male, as opposed to a poverty-
stricken dark-skinned female somewhere in the middle-east or even far east for that matter. I won't say more than
that.. As for america, yes it does have a potential to become a christian extremist society, but that is for americans
alone to decide. If it gets too rough, they can always execute a revolution, disband the country or just plain remove
the government. I do get a funny feeling the government would be reluctant to alow that, which then would point to
a serious problem democracy-wise, so we'll just have to wait and see.



"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15

Offline freespace2dotcom

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Reply #33 - 25 May 2004, 15:01:01
yeah, dan.. I know I'm young. No need to apologize. But to tell the truth, I wish I was still 10, and I haven't looked
forward to a birthday since I was 15. but yeah, you hit the nail on the head. My grandfather instilled me with his
views on the world, and as a result. Well, I'm what I am today. not exactly a perfect person, but I think it was a good
experience. Christianity is a good example of something that should be reunited, more specifically, the various
protestant denominations should be. Many of the american colonies were of different denominations, but they
managed to unite anyway.  However, I think that the catholic and protestant versions vary so fundimentally, that I
think it's far better off leaving them be. (in other words, I'd resist that happening) I myself am a non-denominational
christian. although, I confess my views are nearly entirely protestant. About the "god bless america" stuff. You never
really hear that outside the patriotic commercials. I think Bush merely says that to drum up support for his goals,
whatever they may be. Christianity hasn't been a real part of the government since the 60's, when the seperation of
church and state was introduced, but I think that a country that was so based on the ideals of christianity couldn't
have done something like that unless they had already fallen from those ideals. I'd like to say again that these are
only my opinions... Now, I don't really watch the media all that much, because I feel that they just don't tell the truth
accurately at all. So I am very interested in hearing what europeans would have to say over the matter, rather
than "american news, Inc, ltd, TM, etc"

It's a confusing world we live in. if only I could get paid to be a philosopher. *sigh*

Edit: grr, doc, you beat me. I guess our views differ a tad on religion, but, eh, we can't all be the same. ;)
Second Edit: I just realized what "athée" meant. Whoops! oh well... Personally, I haven't been baptized either. but, well.. everybody's unique. It's what makes this world great.
Third and last edit: Personally, if such an enemy from above appears. Well, let's hope it's a weak one. :)

Post Edited ( 05-25-04 15:18 )

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #34 - 25 May 2004, 15:28:05
DocHoliday wrote:
Common enemy. Just as the early Americans had England for the common enemy, that drove them to unite

As I see the ideal world in the next 500 years:

One world governement, wise gestion of ressources (war or economicall war lead for waste of them)
expension of humain in others planet with several colony that each have their governements...

ahhh dream...  Doc do you have read the books "fundation" by Asimov ?

About religion: I respect them as long as it STAY one personnal things,
I deny to anyone the right to tell me what I must do in the name of a "god"
or anything like that that is not based on realism and facts.

Anyways if religion grow more than a nice inofensive folkore that just say that we must
love our neigborough I will fight them with all my forces.

As anyone I had the choice to believe or not when I was in age to understand, I was
very intterested to religions so I have read a lot of books about it and also have
read several time the bible. My final tought:

How can we seriously believe what is written in the bible I still wonder ? Sure there is a lot
of wise things into it, but there is a lot of wise things also in most books I read even in my morning newspaper.
...[EDIT] mhhh forget the wise things in newspaper, my error....

[EDIT] deleted the religion rant, I do not want to shoke people about what I really think of the bible.

Anyway I still study the history of religions, it's very intteresting to see how it growed
and the bible is an intteresting testimony about the mind of people that lived 1000-2000 years

Just my two cents....


Post Edited ( 05-25-04 15:37 )

Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #35 - 25 May 2004, 15:40:57
We're not competing are we? :) at least that would be out of your character, lazy, sarcastic guy :) Not to mention
mine: Hey-man-why-don't-we-all-just-get-along attiutde:)

Anyway. After reading your post, I might modify my statement a bit. For ME, reliegion has no place in modern world,
meaning, I would not miss it in my head and daily life. It would be an entirely different matter to take that away from
you or other who have been brought up with the Christian principles and the whole atmosphere (think Christmas).

Mind you, not being religious or Christian doesn't automatically mean, you don't practice the same kind of living.
Personally I believe, things like honesty, faith, truthfullness, integrity and tolerance and love, care for fellow beings
and the feeling for good and wrong have nothing to do with being a Christian or generally religious. You might
disagree and I would understand. But the mere fact that some people who ARE like that, are not Christian or
religious generally and of course some are NOT like that, but are religious, proves that.

Well, back to track. I can't, mustn't and won't  take away what you consider your own inner spiritual sanctum. Be it
Chrstianism or Imperial measures ;) I too have that and wouldn't give it for the world. Only my spiritual center is not
Christian or Muslim or whatever. Not because I wouldn't want to be a member of any of these, but simply because
they would not accept me. My version is not totally aligned with any of them. so.. :) I am not politically correct in the
religious sense. I make my own hollidays (have my own Independence Day, Partner Day, Annual Plan Day,..), I have
my own beliefs and I try to implement best things out of all religions. Like attitude towards others as Christians
preach (tolerance and acceptance), responsability towards God and self and others as Muslims prophesize (non
forgivness for deliberate acts of agressivness vs. Christian forgivness - I just believe you can't be excused if you do
something on purpose) and attitude toward life and others like Budhists meditate on it (take it as it comes, don't
force anything, follow the path you feel is there waiting for you) :) So you tell me what I am? Neo-Chrismoslemudist
who does not follow the official rituals? :) Okay, I do believe most of us have something like that, but I also believe
that it is my own, not to be shared unless requested and not to be imposed on anyone at anytime.

So I guess my refined statement would be, that MASSIVE and public religion and as an instrument for achieving
power and using it, has no place in modern world. Like Caesar said about patritism and like some would say about
Greenspan and his power through fiscal policies, etc... It's all a form of faith, and when faith is elevated to a status of
religious belief it all goes sour sooner or later. That is what is bad, but also understandable.. We are only human, and
greed runs deep in us, because of the all-pervasive selfish gene, which got us this far in the first place.



"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15

Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #36 - 25 May 2004, 15:44:28
DanSteph wrote:
[EDIT] deleted the religion rant, I do not want to shoke people about what I really think of the bible.

Emm... the oldest, most perverse, sadistic, irrational, cruel fairy-tale best-seller? :)

I heard someone describe it along those lines.. :)


"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #37 - 25 May 2004, 15:49:33
freespace2dotcom wrote:
yeah, dan.. I know I'm young. No need to apologize.

Young, but wise already, thanks to your grandfather. ;)

About the "god bless america" stuff. You never
really hear that outside the patriotic commercials.

Nice to hear that, seen from here it seem a (small?) part of the american society fall
into a dangerous "religious fury" but as you I don't thrust at all the media
and even what we can read on internet, that doesn't reflect a whole country.

anyway we read often this forum :
and I must say I have fear when I read it: extrem nationalism, flag, "god bless this that",
"all others country are coward", "arab are just pig", "just nuke them" etc etc....   So I really
need a point of view seen from your country. I know this forum doesn't reflect the thruth
but I hardly can read different opinion on the net, perhaps because wise people stay more silent ?

(notice the usenet french forum fr.politics.french or whatewer is fullfilled with right winged dumb people
as it seem with the "liberty"news forum. Internet seem the 1st choice for dumb people to exprimate
their view, the best proof is that we are all here also :)


Post Edited ( 05-25-04 16:05 )

Offline freespace2dotcom

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Reply #38 - 25 May 2004, 18:39:52
Grr. I'm in class, so I can't stay on and rant forever. First. to doc, I'll mention that I definately wouldn't fit in with even
the average american's view of "christianity" myself. I think of myself more as one in the traditional spirit of believing
in my own interpretation of the bible (and that's really what all denominations are) I'm quite content to be isolated
and leave the next guy in turkey, or india, or japan or wherever, on to their own business practicing what they wish
to believe. And so long as they don't come to me and tell me what I can and cannot do, we're both happy. I truly
believe that this attitude is the original american attitude. in a way, the picture of the serpent I mentioned earlier is
very similar to this, because it only bites when it's stepped on. Very interesting subtle gestures, eh? Unfortunately, I
feel that america is now so preoccupied with everybody else's business, that the old spirit no longer lives and the
government is pressuring everybody to be like them. The end result is an eventual backlash and people will hate
america and what it stands for, which is supposed to be christian and democracy. (I always thought we were a
, though. It's in the pledge of alliegence, which ironically some people are trying hard to remove) in the
end run, I fear that people all over will turn against me simply because my government does things that even I myself
am against. what will happen then

To dan, I think that a one world government is impossible unless everybody is in agreement. If even one country
doesn't want to be a part in it and wants to be left alone (the original american spirit as I see it), then you don't have
a world government, but a 9/10th world government. and people who want the whole world to be in this system will
put pressure on people like me, and then we have a problem. the other people will say I have no choice but to accept
because I was an american who wanted to force my way on others, but I'm not. ultimately, one choice will be made,
and since neither side will give, one side will have to be forced to give. Since I'm of the type that won't *ever* give in
to such a system, and the whole world may very well be against me, what other place is for me? I personally view
this type of problem very identical to those who left Europe for political freedom in the "new world" Now some would
say if that's the case, why don't I go to a truely new world? (another planet perhaps?) well, I really don't think that
such a thing will be possible until well after such a system is in place. In other words, I'm screwed. (besides, I don't
really want to live on mars and wind up being 12 feet tall due to low gravity, or burning to death on venus.. ;) )

Again, all of what I said is merely my opinion. just restating.

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Reply #39 - 25 May 2004, 22:37:00
After that I'm not sure that the lazy part of your sigi is right!

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Reply #40 - 26 May 2004, 09:57:08
I'll just put it this way... If you met me in real life, you'd know why I'm lazy.

I never go outside
I spend up to 90% of my free time on my computer.
I sleep during most of the day. In fact, I just woke up at 2 40 AM here right now.
I have a history of sleeping in class.
That alone qualifies me as lazy. I do have other traits, like not ever taking out the garbage unless it's an order from
those above me, or cleaning cat liter. (I love cats, but they need to learn how to go outside like dogs, that's my only


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Reply #41 - 26 May 2004, 19:52:08

(So, It took me awhile to get used to the units in Orbiter.)

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Reply #42 - 26 May 2004, 22:10:45
I got a cat, it pooed on the sofa, my sister's bed, under my bed and behind the living room door etc. But to be honest
it was not her fault, people keep on locking her in the house.

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Reply #43 - 26 May 2004, 22:21:43
That's very nice. :turning: (oops, oh no, I used sarcasm!8o)

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Reply #44 - 27 May 2004, 02:46:29
*smacks krytom on the head for his use of sarcasm*

Yeah, cats are so cute, but they require maintanance. which is not something a lazy person likes to do.

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Reply #45 - 27 May 2004, 15:19:15
Hey Free,

Guess the debate on the civil rights died :) Heh, anyway, just wanted to finish it off, by agreeing with you on the
subject of the original character the Americans had or at least projected to outside world. It was really admirable. I
used to be a big pro-american, especially in the days of Top Gun :) mind you I was a kid back then too. Anyway,
you're also right, that this sort of misuse of the traditionally positive emblems and symbols and concepts will
inevitably hurt your own population. The outside world is even now years from percieving america as it once did.
Sad.. but as they say: A candle that shines bright, dies sooner.

On a less serious note. Cats require maintenance, but then again, compared to dogs they are autonomous roving
vehicles :) Which reminds me.. you all remember Aimee from Red Planet? My kinda cat :)



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Reply #46 - 27 May 2004, 15:51:29
Eh, a robot animal? No thank you. You can have one if you want, but don't complain to me when it breaks your rib.

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Reply #47 - 27 May 2004, 17:44:31
My cat is one year older than me.

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Reply #48 - 27 May 2004, 20:00:11
My cat is about 8 years younger than me. And I'm 19 years old. 11 is not young in cat years. (it is very fascinating
how quickly subjects wane on this forum.) But to go back on track... It's not to say that all americans were like minded
to me. If that were so, we'd never have alaska, or many other territories. Oh, the stories I could tell about how we
really got the panama canal... Anyways, When it comes down to it. I feel that people will let anything go by so long as it happens gradually.

You cook a live frog by gradually raising the temperature. If the temp rises too fast, then the frog jumps out of the water, but if it rises nice and slowly, then you have frog legs for dinner. (mind you, I don't cook frogs because I just don't eat frogs. *yuck* I hear that's mainly a french thing........Not to pick on anybody... ;) )  but the same principal applies. If the american government took away the gold and silver coins I mentioned on the same day, then the government would have been replaced with a newer one that wouldn't do that. I understand that my country only has been around for a bit more than 220 years, which on a historical scale is nothing, but how many generations is that? assuming a generation is 40 years. (as fair an estimate as one can make if I say so myself) then america has been around for about 5 and a half generations, which I'll round up to six. Now, I remember a famoussocialist/communist thinker that said something around the lines of: "give me three generations [of the children] and I can conquer america." Of course, I'm heavily paraphrasing, so correct me if I'm wrong. But the point is, he DID say 3 generations. meaning that by teaching the children, he could gradually influence the children to accept views that their parents wouldn't, and in three generations, the morals and ideals would be perverse enough for him to walk up and take over the country, possibly even with the support of every other country because the morals of the first country had sunk so low that they had made everyone their enemies.

Personally, that the guy said three generations is interesting. In the bible, there were only three generations of heaven and earth before the lines were cut. Adam Seth, and Enos, if my memory serves me right. and after that, there were only 7 more before the sin got so bad that god made that flood that we all associate with noah, who was the 10th generation. thus starting a new cycle. after all, once we get to ten, we just have 11, which means 10 + 1. get my drift? tie that in with the fact that the flood renewed the earth, and you can see that the bible is a bit more complex that you'll probably ever hear a preacher at church tell you. numbers and patterns are *very* interesting, and my grandfather helped me get interested in searching for them. Another pattern is the fact that there were seven generations after the cut of heaven and earth, and there are seven days in a week. the seventh generation after the break, there was the flood and the new cycle. after the seventh day of the week, we have a new week! and remember; Sunday is in fact not the sabbath. Saturday is! just looking at the spanish word for saturday should hint at it. (sabado) so after the sabbath, the day that we should rest, (and I'm sure noah got some rest on that ark) a new cycle begins. just that alone should prove interesting to just about everyone. and I'd like to think I know a bit more, too. so ask away if you wish. oh, and also, I pulled all this out of my memory, and I confess I don't even have a bible, so please tell me If I got something wrong.(I need to get one, it would help if I could name the verses and not just the quote itself.)

well, comments?

hey, pick up those jaws from the floor, it's impolite to gawk. ;)

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Reply #49 - 27 May 2004, 22:03:45
freespace2dotcom wrote:
assuming a generation is 40 years. (as fair an estimate as one can make if I say so myself)

I think one generation is more an average of 20 years possibly less in the past (woman had children at 16-18 old)

You don't need 3 generations to F* a country, 1 or 2 years is enough with modern media.
One famous quote :

"Naturally, the common people don't  want war;
neither in Russia nor in England nor in America,
nor for that matter in Germany.
That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders
of the country who determine the policy and
it is always a simple matter to drag the people
along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist
dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist
dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can
always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
That is easy. All you have to do is tell them
they are being attacked and denounce the
pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing
the country to danger.
It works the same way
in any country."
           - Hermann Goering, Nazi Reichsmarshall

My mother was german (her town was totally destructed) my grand father made the war in the "wrong side"
(another one was on the "good side") I heard many story, the fact is that German people had
nothing in particular in 1939, young german where as any young man in the world. There was just
a very bad economical situation, a good leader whent that told to people simple solutions,
at first it worked the economy went better, things worked well... after, it's history.
(Do you know that most german people tought that they invaded poland because the
poland attacked them first and was a menace ?... true story, hitler organised some fake attack
from *poland army* and made a very nice propaganda about that)

anyway 5 years ago I thought that could never happen again... I was wrong, nothing has changed.

And don't get me wrong, I don't think one country is better than any others in this matter,
it's just  a matter of circumstance, lets **** some building in any country and you will see
peoples going mad also. Ready to give their right and freedom for any promise of
security, ready to give the full power to government, ready to thrust them without any control.
Add a fool leader and your set.

Democracy is just a hidden dictatorship, whom have the money and access to media control
people's mind and can justify almost anything.  Most peoples don't have any science, political,
history, psychology or soceity study That's easy.


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