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Author Topic: If you ever make a DGV  (Read 15473 times)

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Offline ar81

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Reply #50 - 08 February 2008, 15:17:21
I have an idea...

Buy a license of FSPassengers, even if you do not have Flight Simulator.
The less time Dan spends trying to advertise himself to achieve more sales and the less time he spends working to
make a living, the more time he will have for DG improvements.
Buying such a license could help him.

Offline Galelio

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Reply #51 - 26 February 2008, 14:42:04
I have finished the Gear up/Gear down sounds and voices for the DGV. Just a little sounds from the 'deltagliderIV' file
and edit the sounds... and then save in a file: 'deltagliderV'.

The only problem is... will Dan let me take some of the sounds he created and edit them, and USE them?


Will he approve of it?

:) running for cover now.

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