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Author Topic: 'Armageddon' mod  (Read 1432 times)

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02 November 2003, 02:26:16
Hey everyone :)

I was watching the movie Armageddon yesterday with Bruce Willis and I think it would make a
great mod for those wanting a new challenge in Orbiter :D

The scenario would start off at the launchpad, with the 'new' shuttle the X-71 (panel included
hopefully). Two shuttles are going up, you are the first one. So at liftoff time, you would launch
and make your way towards Mir for refuelling (in the movie they called it the Russian Space
Station, so maybe you could make a detour and go to the ISS instead). From the time you dock, a
counter starts. When the counter reaches -1 minute, the space station starts to have problems as
the fuel leaks. On your MFD it would have the current status, parts of the space station would
start falling off. With -5 seconds to go, your crew would all be on board and you can undock as
quickly as possible. At 0 seconds, the space station explodes. If you have not undocked then you
are dead.

So, then you begin a trip to the moon with your new fuel. In a few days you reach the moon and
go around the dark side for your 'roadrunner thrust move' which goes to a maximum of 12g. Your
crew will suffer worse if you don't hold it steady and correctly. So, then you turn off the thrusters,
and the asteroid will be right in front of you, tail debree and all. With a new HUD addon (another,
yeah) you will have a FOD radar, collision avoidance. There is plenty of tail debree and the
computer will avoid most of it for you, but sometimes you might come dangerously close and you
will have to take control to avoid an impact. As you are flying there will be another obstacle. The
other shuttle has hit rock and is out of control. Hit that, and you're gone. You can suffer minor hits
but not too many. Anyway, your landing site will be on your MFD again. Depending on where you
land will determine how long the drilling of the hole takes place (for the bomb). In the movie grid 8
was soft rock, but they overshot and hit grid 9, which was iron. Another MFD addon will show how
long until the asteroid hits zero barrier (the final time where the bomb can be detonated safely,
otherwise two chunks of the asteroid will hit earth anyway). The better the landing site, the less
time is taken.

You'll get a radio message when the drilling is complete and all crew is back on board. As per the
movie, one man stays behind because the bomb was damaged and blows it up. He'll blow it up at
around two seconds before zero barrier, and you have to make sure that your shuttle is well away
from the blast, otherwise once again you're dead. If all goes to plan, the asteroid will break in two
and you'll have a great view of the detonation and the two pieces narrowly avoiding earth :) You
will then land back at Kennedy a hero.

If you do not drill in time, the asteroid will hit earth (with or without you still on it). You get a very
good view of a wall of fire enveloping it from space and it hitting land. If you blow it up after zero
barrier, the same happens except two pieces hit.

Anyone like my idea? I know zero about modding so I can't do this myself, but I'll be glad to help
out in any way I can if someone decides to do this :) I might repost this on the official orbiter
forum too, but it's been down a lot.

Offline ENS2018

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Reply #1 - 05 November 2003, 03:17:23
Sounds like a fun challenge, too bad I don't code scenarios.

Brend R. Fix's Redshift ( would
probably be a good tool for having a second shuttle up there if anyone does decide to try to takle
that scenario.


Offline reekchaa

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Reply #2 - 10 November 2003, 21:07:45
I'll get right on it... complete with cut-scenes and soundtrack.  

seriously, there are too many limitations to developing a MOD anywhere near this.  
It might work in HalfLife2 or DoomIII, tho.  ;)

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