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Author Topic: How to install latest development build of OpenOrbiter  (Read 1563 times)

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Offline majid

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22 January 2023, 08:43:52
Hey all,

I made a video showing how to install the latest development build of OpenOrbiter. You can see it here:

The video shows how to do the install using the Orb modlist installer. It installs the Orbiter Essentials Mods alongside. If you'd rather do it manually, here is how you can get a clean OpenOrbiter install (without the essentials mods):

1. Create a new folder. This will be your orbiter root.
2. Take a fresh copy of Orbiter 2016 from here: and extract only the Textures directory into your orbiter root.
3. Grab latest x86 release of OpenOrbiter from here and extract into your Orbiter root:
4. That's it! launch orbiter_ng.exe, set d3d9client as the graphics client and enjoy