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Author Topic: Spacecraft Megapack (3k vessels installed, 23 GB extracted)  (Read 2039 times)

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Offline majid

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25 December 2022, 15:40:14
Spacecraft Megapack

Merry Christmas everyone!
Just released a new modlist that'll cleanly install around 3k vessels, CTD tested and scenario editor compatible.

This list downloads a lot of mods, so you will need a decent internet connection and HD space. It takes a long time to extract/copy the assets so please be patient.

Once the installation is done, you are welcome to check out the orbiter_root\sp3 directory. This contains all the docs and other files that came with the mods installed that are not necessary. You can safely delete the sp3 folder to free up space. 

Crash testing pipeline demo:

modlist available with Orb installer, download here:

A lot of effort was put into making the install clean. This bundle will not create a bunch of junk files messing up your orbiter folder. All mods are extracted into the sp3 folder, and only the meshes/textures/dlls are copied over.

enjoy, and please report any issues here
Please also share good ships to fly from this bunch!

Offline majid

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Reply #1 - 28 December 2022, 02:35:41
I am creating some tooling to ease the discoverability, to make it easier to find badass ships to fly. Here are some ships that I thought were pretty cool with some brief notes:

black_pearl - sailboat
xk72 - station
dvader - lord vader
usws_praeon - big ship
lsts01b - lunar lander
dreamchaser_lr - mini shuttle
dreamchaser - mini shuttle
b5eastarliner - huge ship for intersteller travel
d01c - lunar shuttle 8 km/s
S.E.GAM - interplanetary? 2 Mm/s
zvezda - 13 m/s realistic ISS module
ShuttleLander5 - lunar mini soft lander
CygnusJohnYoung - Cygnus cargo craft to ISS
MD_ERV - mars direct ERV
Starfury_Sheridan - starfury
PRJetA - spaceplane personal
PodD - personal pod
ISVVenturestar - deep space vehicle
novagdb12meds - service module
dsv05- adam smith deep space vehicle
dsv04 - david hume dsv
ctv-01-a-v3 - 8 km/s vehicle
C2 - station with rotation rings
daixing - dsv
verrazzano_moon2 - service module
mars2 - mars
Lei1 lander
LSTS02b - lunar lander cargo haul
Shadair1 - like kulch's glider
LSTS05b - rover
LJ_Capsule - reentry vehicle
StationZebra1 - rotation wheel station
K47 - ship
01hull - dsv
Discovery - dsv
NSPlane - spaceplane
LSTS2201 - cargo lander
LSTS01 - lunar lander passenger
salyut6_mt - space station realistic
E-Nuclear - nuclear waste vehicle
SPB101 - spaceplane
E-lab - lab with engines
Cygnus5 spacelane
LSTS2032 - lunar explorer
Moonbus - moon bus
DPdP2 - person in spacesuit
MillenniumF4 - m falcon from star wars
Tug1 - lunar tug
S0-truss - powered truss
aurora - station
BSP310 - spaceplane
Mars1994 - to mars and back to earth
JasonLEO_OW - leo shuttle
LSTS03a - lunar pod
StarDest1 - star destroyer star wars
vasimr - dsv?
workpod - orbital tug
Aquarius - dsv
Wheel1 - double rotating rings
VCargo - moonbus2
Hawk - eagle type lunar lander
mevlander - lander