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Author Topic: [Request] Recording of YOUR voice for the incoming OrbiterSound 5.0  (Read 9276 times)

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Offline DanSteph

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15 May 2020, 13:12:12
Recording of new docking and undocking radio voices for the incoming OrbiterSound 5.0 to replace the "Houston we show capture and hard dock" and "undocking confirmed" that exist since 15 years at least.  :sick:

Who ?
Anyone (included female) with a good mature voice and a good English accent. Try to have a neutral and formal accent.

Actor studio ?
Neutral, calm, and professional tone, anything too noticeable might be fun at start but boring on the long time for the users. There is a lot of real com examples on youtube:

Note: It miss the "undocking radio", I used tts voice here, I don't know if I'll include them in the final release. (I'll ask users the one that they like/dislike the most)

What to say ?
-A variation of the texts below (already done), if you don't know we can discuss your text in this thread.
-See below, I'll compile user suggestion.

Recording format & upload
-DON'T add any effect please, I'll do it myself ! (apart if you're proficient in sound editing of course ;) )
-Please DO put your name or pseudo in a txt file in the archive.
-Preferred: wav format 22050hz 16 bits - zip the files and upload it where you want or send me by mail at "daniel at".
Also If you have an account on this forum you can send me the link in PM.

In the doc of course, let me know in the archive the name that you want credited (real name or pseudo)

I'll keep the 10-20 best, asking users which one they like/dislike before final release (including my tts voice) so I cannot assure that your recording will be used... ;)
In orbiter they will play based on a random list shuffled at start of session, they will not repeat unless the user dock/undock 10-20 time of course and each recording have egal chance to be played each session.

Example of text
1.This is mission control, we show capture and hard dock, congratulations.
2.Capture confirmed and docking clamps secure. Welcome aboard commander.
3.Contact. Connection locked and stable. Umbilicals engaged.
4.Mission control we are reading a solid contact. Stand by for confirmation.(1-2 seconds pass) Docking confirmed.
5.Contact confirmed. Awaiting for docking hooks. Docking hooks in place. Hard capture confirmed, congratulations.
6.This is mission control; we can confirm contact and hard capture is complete. Great work.

1-This is mission control, Undocking confirmed.
1-Undocking confirmed, pressurization okay, all is secure.
2-Release confirmed, have a nice trip..
3-etc. etc.

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 15 May 2020, 13:14:00
Additional note:
If your proficient in English you can add more dock/undock text below to help the voice actors ;)
Try to keep them as realistic as possible.

Offline Carcharodon

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Reply #2 - 15 May 2020, 14:27:06
to record in .wav / 22050 :

CTRL+P => Quality : 22050/16 bits
and once recorded : export =>WAV

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Offline StarLost

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Reply #3 - 16 May 2020, 00:07:30
Linguistically, a Canadian accent tends to be the most neutral. However my preference is a slightly Australian or New Zealand accent. As for gender, female is always best for pilots. Heinlein probably said it best in "Starship Troopers" when his character maintains that "wouldn't you rather hear a woman say goodbye when you're going out to fight?".