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Author Topic: Just wanna say thanks Dan ¡¡  (Read 6576 times)

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Offline E69Shango

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12 February 2015, 12:24:09
I´ve been using your addons since the beginning and I just realized never gave any feedback so thank you Dan. Orbiter sound is a must have and UMMU is awesome¡¡ we can feel like real astronauts now thanks to EVA capacity.

Your vessels are great too, I love the DGIV and I´m starting now with the arrow freighter.

Orbiter is great and your addons jus make it bigger and better.

Oh¡ and thanks for the shuttle-A ummu capable is one of my all time favourites ships¡

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 12 February 2015, 23:33:05
Thanks mate for your kind word, you welcome :beer:

Offline reekchaa

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Reply #2 - 19 September 2015, 07:33:06
Yes, everyone owes you a HUGE debt of Gratitude, Dan!   :wor:
Your ideas are showing up in so many places in software, and influencing modern design as well.
Even YouTube personalities like Scott Manley steal from your goodness.   :beer:
#Invalid YouTube Link#

I would love to know what you've been working on lately! :flower: (so I can throw flowers) :)

~ the Reekchaa

Offline Vincent Majerowicz

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Reply #3 - 19 September 2015, 21:44:32
Hi, Dan!

Your addons are great! Your addons is just keep getting better and better!! Keep up your hard work! Thanks!


Offline BEEP

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Reply #4 - 10 October 2015, 22:03:22

Then it came to me that although knowing very well what it is to spend a lot of effort into a project without receiving any feedback , I realize that, despite stating my appreciation developing related addons, I never did stop myself to say a much deserved 'Merci'.

I just want you to know that when the nights were long and the problems seemed too difficult, the bugs too elusive and the chair too painfully unconfortable I remembered of Martin and you... and went on.