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Author Topic: Cargo Factories  (Read 4729 times)

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Offline rpiolends

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08 April 2014, 20:17:33
I saw this addon GDI Mining Unit MkI new link

, which is basically a rock factory, that comes in a cargo box and can be deployed to create the miner machine. I was wondering if someone could create an Oxygen  factory, and a space fuel factory. That start packed in crates and when deployed creates oxygen and space fuel at a rate configurable in the cfg doc.

Thank you

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Offline Carcharodon

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Reply #1 - 08 April 2014, 20:22:25
bad link

Offline Milouse

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Reply #2 - 11 April 2014, 13:13:59

Welcome here, Rpiolends ! :beer:

There is another addon, GDI MkI Ore Mill by the same author :
It use the rock at the outpout of Miner for produce ore cargos. In the comments, you will find how to produce Spacefuel or Oxygen by the same process.

The new version of UCGO can produce everything you need in a PreludeIII base factory by pressing button.