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Author Topic: Un Galiléen sauvagement attaqué par deux congénères dans la banlieue de Jupiter!  (Read 3757 times)

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Offline SimFan

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05 May 2004, 16:14:13
Tous les détails ici (946 ko): :hot:

Pour éviter toute polémique : :???:

ATTENTION : Il ne s'agit pas de la prochaine version d'Orbiter
Caution : This is not a next Orbiter version video !!!

Credits :
Capture: Sim integrated feature. Could come with next+n Orbiter version? Set to 640x480, 25 fps, avi fullframes.
Video edition and audio mixing: VirtualDub with Frame tweaker and Subtitler (Sub Station Alpha based) addons filters.
Audio preprocessing : Exact Audio Copier.
Encoding: RealProducer10Basic, 350 kbits/s VBR download audience, 2 pass, sharpest video, music audio.

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SF  :)