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Author Topic: Ummu ID question  (Read 3901 times)

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Offline gattico

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12 August 2013, 14:46:01
What sets which mesh to see if the Ummu takes there suit off?

tells the mesh is UMmu2001B
the description is 2001ASTRO
and the id is 201B.

but what if I want to use a different unsuited mesh?

I know that this
UMmuVIPX02X-Vip-NVip  make a non suited Ummu

I read it and got it.

for this:
UMmu2001B-2001ASTRO-201B    the mesh will be the suited one UMmu2001B
if they switch suits mesh UMmu2001BX02X would be it

So now how do you set which state to be in  un suited or suited?

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