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Author Topic: Updating an old archive.  (Read 1755 times)

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26 December 2012, 23:56:33
Now, I really haven't followed the orbiter scene for a while, and even when I did it was mostly over here and not on the main forum.

Still, I thought I'd get my current PC running orbiter for old time's sake. I've done some looking but it seems that all my old orbiter data is obsolete now... I guess when the DGIII was updated the skins were made obsolete, too? I have the most recent 2010 version now, but well... I'm hesitant to run any old stuff if these newfangled DirectX clients will not run them properly. :( For now I'll just try the new and add old stuff one by one. That and I stubbornly want the ultra-high level textures available now. Level 14? 8o I can't seem to find those, though. the link on the main orbiter site for High Level textures is an apparently dead site. I'm sure the old planetary texture data I have (at level 10-11) will carry over though.

Reconfiguring all the stuff with extra features is quite daunting!! (amazing what's gone on while I've been inactive. I tip my hat to you, Dan!. :) )

Any advice/tips/chocolate cake? Especially on this Christmas Edition stuff. I think the older DGIV is still an update for me. :badsmile:

Once I get this up and running I'll do a test flight. Maybe do a run to show the kids how to do things. ;)


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