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Author Topic: UCGO Mesh Groups Disappear if Animated  (Read 1683 times)

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24 January 2011, 09:44:24

I'm currently tooling around with the UCGO cargo modules for Energia that Buzz313th released a while back.  The module is modeled using the UCGOCars module.  The mesh for the module consists of two groups: a cargo-carrying base, and a top cage (assigned to aux animation 1) that swings open.

In Orbiter 2010, I've noticed that the top cage is invisible.  This anomaly seems to be linked to the animation: if I disable the animation, the mesh group reappears, but it disappears if I assign it to any animation (auxiliary, radar, wheel, etc.).  If I switch the animation to the base, then the cage is visible, but the base is invisible.

This only appears to be a problem with the Energia UCGO module; I don't see any problems with any other UCGO vehicles (including the fuel truck, which also has an aux animation).

Does anybody have any ideas what might be going on here?  Is there some limitation in the UCGOCars SDK that I'm unaware of?  I can provide more details if necessary.  If I find a fix, I'd like to flow the results back to Buzz313th.

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