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Author Topic: Problem with DGIV and Orbiter 2010 with D3D7 on Win7 x64  (Read 1598 times)

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Offline JimiJamesMR

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10 November 2010, 18:00:30
Hi all.

DGIV scenarios always CTD when scenary ends its loading. I have Orbiter 2010 100830 with D3D7 external rendering on Win 7 x64. I use a nvidia GTX260 with ForceWare 298.96. It doesn't happen on the UMMU and UCGO scenarios.

If I run Orbiter with its builtin graphics engine (without D3D7 module) it works, I dont get CTD. But I would like to run it on D3D7 because some incompatibility issues I had with the builtin engine on this machine (too long to explain).

Please, anybody knows how can I run DGIV with D3D7 engine?

Thanks very much in advance.

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