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Author Topic: Orbiter2006p1 and Orbiter2010 Radio Folder Audio...  (Read 1668 times)

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Offline ChristopherT

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22 July 2010, 04:48:54
I have both versions of Orbiter installed with OrbiterSound 3.5 in each. I noticed recently that the Wav. sounds in the
radio folders (143.625 baikonour, Etc) only play if a ship addon is configured using a standard .cfg file. If a ship uses Vinka's SP2 or SP3 then no audio files are played.  I've tried several of my addons and several from other authors
and the result is the same. Is there a command that has to be added to the scenario or the Orbiter\Config\Spacecraft\
.ini file to bring back the radio audio?



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