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Author Topic: Arrow refuelling  (Read 1652 times)

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Offline Rico van Dijk

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16 June 2010, 01:01:31
Hi Dan! and the others,
Dan, first thanks for making another 'must have' add-on for Orbiter, you did it again! :merci:

In the Arrow I find a nice button [GET FUEL], white boxed with station operation.
But even when I am practically inside the lunar-OB1 wheel, or Brighton beach I get the message [Error: No fuel station in range]

I think I also could:
- refuel with 1 ton at the time using space fuel boxes
- refuel altering the config file
- request for a tow truck back to earth to find a gas station along the interstate ...

But refuelling using that button would be awesome! What are the required parameters?


ps, what is the price of a gallon space fuel today? :P

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