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Author Topic: pilot  (Read 1600 times)

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Offline dziwigor

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28 January 2010, 22:05:49
I looked into UMMU 2.0 configs and meshes and textures and:

I can make pilot look just the same as me :)
Cool... wait - this means ALL pilots will look same as me, becouse to pilot a ship MMU must be "capt" ant that means all
CAPT will look the same... is it impossible to define (maybe another .cfg file?) other types as pilots?

if we have detailed mesh/texture available for UMMU then why do people inside DG look allways the same?... DG "knows"
what types of people are inside, so it could put right textures on them :) taken from UMMU

I dont want it to look as if I'm only complaining, becouse everything else makes it still best orbiter addon :)

I also wonder what is "text" in ummu config used for... (ieg "Captain" "Biologist") only ID is used...

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