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Author Topic: UCGO ADDON COLABORATIVE EFFORT  (Read 1703 times)

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Offline Buzz313th

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13 January 2010, 18:53:13
I am really blown away by Dans new UCGO SDK, although I have no C++ coding experience and don't plan on
learning anytime soon.   I do however have modeling and texturing skills so I would really like to work with a C++
coder to produce a few UCGO Addons.  

So...   I am looking for a C++ coder that understands the UCGO and UMMU SDK's and would be willing to work with
me in making some UCGO Addons.

A few ideas I have are to start working on resource objects and vessels, namely factories, mines, etc...

If interested please send me a message...

One question I have for Dan though....

Dan, is it possible with coding to configure the UMMU breathable areas to use up resources?  For example, a base on
the moon would have breatable areas that would need constant supply of Oxygen and Electricity.     I know the UCGO
SDK allows for objects and vessels to both create and consume rosources, but I'm not sure how to combine that
functionality to be linked to UMMU breathing areas.



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