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Author Topic: DGIV change veiw or switch ship causes velocity to change  (Read 1598 times)

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Offline Dabla

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07 September 2009, 20:46:13
When I change control to another ship or change views from external to internal it causes a change in velocity.  THis makes
it impossible to play with some of the features.  For instance trying to eva and grapple with a pack from the DGIV.  You have
to be inside of the DG to release the packs, then switch control to the guy outside and when that happens everything flies

Offline Dabla

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Reply #1 - 08 September 2009, 01:22:52
Anyone else experience this or know a way to fix it?  A patch or something?

Offline Drenake

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Reply #2 - 24 October 2009, 04:32:33
Hello Dabla... and everyone else too ;)

I know this topic is over a month old, but since you didn't give any news...

Anyway, I just got the exact same problem you described, but with another vessel. It was on a fresh install with almost
nothing other than Orbitersound so I copied the faulty scenario file to another install and tested it.

And poooofff, Miracle. No more bug.

I compared the installs and found that by having MSVCP71.DLL and MSVCR71.dll in the Orbiter root folder (where Orbiter.exe
is) the problem disapeared.

As it works for me, I hope it will help you or anyone else who has this bug.

Good night everybody !

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