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Author Topic: EVA Position  (Read 1598 times)

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Offline gattico

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10 August 2008, 03:32:34
I can having problems getting the eva person to face the direction I want them to face when I exit the vessel.  from the SDK:
   // SetMembersPositionOrientationOnEVA
   // We define here were the Ummu will appear when they make an EVA
   // first parameter is position second is orientation, take care not to make
   // them appear to high on ground (will fall and die) or to low (Orbiter "light speed" bug)
   Crew.SetMembersPosRotOnEVA(_V(0,0,3),_V(0,0,0));   // 3 meters in front of ship (z) facing direction of ship (vessel local

I can place the eva person but it is the direction.  I want it to face -Z and another +Y looking up.

NEW INFO: I played with the values and 0,3,0 had the person face in -z. It seemed that if I did a 0,1,0 they were about 15 degrees. I got _V(1.5,0,0)); put the eva person on therir back looking up.

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