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Author Topic: addon : satellite ground station ?  (Read 1627 times)

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11 April 2008, 04:24:59
Hello, everybody!

I am a new user of the simulator Orbiter superb, and I would like to make a wish to programmers addons for this

Would it be possible to set up a satellite ground station, which is a ground station radio transmission :-)


In fact, I am a passionate radioécouteur Astronautics, and therefore, I listen regularly (several times a week) in
space communications (mainly amateur radio).

As part of my activities radio, I sometimes get the opportunity to do public demonstrations (most recently by
providing people to listen live, french astronaut Leopold Eyharts aboard the space station ISS). During this type of
demo., Using a satellite tracking software (tracking) live: Orbitron (allowing me to track many satellites, the station
ISS and the space shuttle when it is in flight) and soon, I will serve the Orbiter to put a little more "magic" during my
visual demos.

Although already quite comprehensive: US space shuttle, former station Mir station ISS and the satellite HST .. It
would be very handy (for me, and probably to other amateur radio stations in France, as in the World!) To be able to
show a simulation of a tracking station and satellite transmission "amateur" (this term is pejorative unfortunately
France, which is not the case abroad, the satellite radio stations "amateur" is often virtually professional quality
antennas propellers, yagi, parabolic, radio transmitter and receiver hyper sensitive measuring device Pro: Analyzer
Spectrum, software tracking semi-pro, and so on.). The aim seek and to be able to show a virtual what people intend
to live during a demo amateur radio.

I have begun to acknowledge, it is sometimes difficult to make people understand (especially young!), They intend to
live the voice of an astronaut, or read it on the screen of the PC, telemetry data from a satellite passing over France,
and let us know the live power of its batteries, the temperature inside the satellite, and so on. So, in a simulated
virtual image, would probably be a better compréension once lived!

In short, if one or programmers created francophones want this type of virtual satellite station for Orbiter, I am at
your disposal to help you by my advice radiocom. Space, and so on.

Advisories programmers ..



PS : translation by google!

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