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Author Topic: @Dan: Need info on DGIV devices and upgrades  (Read 4367 times)

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Offline ar81

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22 February 2008, 18:53:55
When we configure engines and O2 and so, not only you are talking about newtons or how much air.  You are talking
about devices, models, features, technologies...

Could it be possible to have some fictional specs on the DGIV upgrades and devices, and items that could be
damaged too, just to have the feeling that those really exist?  I could invent them, but I prefer you to do it, since you
are the creator of DGIV.  I would use those for Space orbinomics II.

Offline willy88

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Reply #1 - 23 February 2008, 09:17:01
How about...

Engines: Thrust Systems Inc. Microwave-Chemical air-breathing impulse engine G8600
Life Support System: BST L-150 "Lotus"
Electrical Systems: Surgex Electrogen 7.10
Fuel: Nanodyne HyperFuel
Comms Equipment: Ping Technologies D-3 Antenna

I doubt Dan has thought up those types of specifications, so I made them up. :badsmile:


Offline ar81

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Reply #2 - 25 February 2008, 14:45:29
What about some history for those devices...

Something like

"The Rolls-Royce Merlin engines were a series of 12 cylinder, 60 "V", 27 litre, liquid cooled piston aircraft engines built
during World War II by Rolls-Royce ( Derby, Crewe and Glasgow), at Ford in Manchester[1] and under licence in the
United States by Packard.[2] They are widely considered to be among the most successful aero engines produced
during World War II, and perhaps the finest piston engines ever built for aviation. Merlins are highly sought-after by
aviation enthusiasts even today.

The Merlin name came from the bird (a small falcon also known as "pigeon hawk") rather than King Arthur's legendary
magician. However, in the film The First of the Few, Sir Henry Royce refers to King Arthur's Merlin, rather than the bird
(probably due to some propaganda purposes, or a simple incorrect assumption on the part of the film makers)."

Offline Dig Gil

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Reply #3 - 25 February 2008, 18:05:40

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