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Author Topic: MMU docking mode display  (Read 1613 times)

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Offline ar81

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27 November 2007, 20:22:58
When teaching kids about docking, DGIII was very nice, because MMUs had a "+" symbol in docking mode so you
could modify the trajectory of astronauts.  Kids pointed the + towards the DG door and they knew how to understand
docking mode.

Using MMUs that way, passing from one DGIII to another in front of it, about 100 meters away, was the training
exercise before attempting the complex task of docking.

It would be good if DGIV or UMMU could have such a feature for astronauts again.
Without it there is no way to make kids to practice before docking.
Entering a craft does not require the precision and alignment that docking requires.
Therefore MMUs are best suited for this docking training.

Using a normal docking makes kids to take care of too many details...
Using MMUs is better.

Could such a mode be enabled for MMUs again?

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