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Author Topic: 1600x1200 Instrument Panels ?  (Read 12341 times)

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Offline n122vu

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Reply #25 - 25 June 2007, 01:21:29
sunshine135 wrote:

Oh come on...You don't have a wife and kids do you? What you have is one of the very latest and greatest machines.
8800GTXs only come on the very top end machines. The only thing you are missing is the Quad Core and you would
be in the
$4,000 to $6000 dollar range. Yes- you are bragging. Loading Orbiter on a machine like that is like killing flies with a
flame thrower. In short, you have tremendous overkill.

Most people, especially those of us with families, cannot afford a machine like that. Quite frankly, that would be a
waste of
money for most of us, and a good developer knows they produce a software product at or slightly above the median
hardware for
the target group.

Dual 8800GTXs........ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....I'm laughing insanely. I wish!!!


...and a year ago I would have been drooling over this type of setup myself.  Now, I have better things to spend my
money on (like my newborn daughter).  Not to say I wouldn't spend my money on new PC hardware if I was single
with no kids.  Hey if you've got the money, go for it, I would.  But when other priorities step in, things like this come at
least third or fourth in line.  

But we still wish we could have them now and then...... :bave:  

Now, if I could just get that one bill paid off, and sell this...and that....

Offline Tachyon

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Reply #26 - 26 June 2007, 04:05:33
well - lets just say that I'm a bit past that phase in my life. And being a systems engineer at a successful IT out-
sourcing firm affords me a few simple pleasures in life.

btw- I am married, and have a son who is 22yrs old.... I'm thinking, probably close to the average age here.

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