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Author Topic: Posting An Upload Reminders  (Read 1612 times)

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01 June 2007, 22:36:58

When posting an upload to the downloads page, the upload is evaluated prior to it being posted for everyone else to download
(this is the reason you will always find a 1 in the download section when it is posted). Sometimes in the evaluation, we
catch major flaws or something minor that is easily fixed and would enhance the overall rating for the download. At that
point, you may be contacted via e-mail to correct the problem.

Lately, a couple of uploads have contained false or alias e-mail addresses. If we cannot reach you via e-mail to ask
you to correct something,your upload will be deleted!

I have had the unfortunate displeasure of having to delete a couple of works, one that was rather fun, because I could not
get ahold of the user to get them to correct the directory structure of the zip file. Although that may not be a big deal for
some, for noobs it can be frustrating. The result- deleted.

Dan wants only high quality downloads with the DGIV. Please make sure you are giving us a good e-mail address,

Thanks much,

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