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Author Topic: iss flights  (Read 3616 times)

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Offline 4weeksholiday

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16 April 2007, 09:17:21
i'm in the scenerio 'iss flights'.there's this problem of 'sts-121 07-07-06' you can plainly see that sts-121's not
correctly docked to anything,where the shuttle's docking port is a vertical solar array or somthing any it sprotruding
right through the docking port of the shuttle and also just a queery,is where does the 'leonardo dock to because
adjusting the canadarm goes right through everything and can't see where it is supposed to go?and also the two
progress ships look like their in suspended anime or somthing hey what give here?:wall:

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Offline Voyager

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Reply #1 - 16 April 2007, 11:28:58
Ok i dont completely understand what you mean (perhaps post some screenshots?), and I dont see how this is related to any of
Dan's add-ons

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