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Author Topic: DGIV English Help for Existing Files  (Read 1612 times)

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07 January 2007, 07:05:49

I will start helping you clean up the English in the scenarios and elsewhere. I started this topic so others can add to it.
I'm sure several "proof-readers" will be necessary. Feel free to copy + paste

By the way, your English is much better than my French and your French is probably better than my English. :)

First in the main DGIV folder:

The newly enhanced deltagliderIV with full sound and panel  WARNING: this version will only work with OrbiterSound 3.0
Checklists are on the lower panel. (CTL-DownArrow)

Tutorial Learn DGIV- What's cool:

This tutorial will show you how to use the auto docking autopilot. First set NAV1 on a dock frequency (already done in this
scenario), and then load and execute PRO300SPEC0  by clicking it in with the mouse on the lower panel's computer keyboard.
You can also type it in on your real keyboard with keys: "P 3 0 0 S 0 <RETURN> E" The autopilot will engage and dock you to
the ISS.

Reminder: See the "checklist MFD" on the lower panel to get a list of the autopilots in flight.

More to come as it is 1AM ET here in the states, and I have to get up early in the AM.

Thanks again for your hard work,

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