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Author Topic: DGIII + Orbiter 2006....  (Read 1613 times)

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Offline dpsmith

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10 July 2006, 19:40:45

 Great work on the DG. I have been having fun with it and orbiter.
I am fully aware of the nose cone landing gear bugs. I did a search with no results as to
what I was looking for.

I do not know if it is me or not, but I get CDT pretty frequentaly with Orbiter 2006 and your adon.
I think I have found part of the problem. I do belive it has something to do with the MFD's.
It crashes when I am trying to dock.
 I use the fequancy to find and locate and get to the Luna spaceport. Once there I like to do visualy
approches. now, if I was to hit VIS and then HUD on the MFD buttons  it CTD's.

It is most difinatly a problem with DG and Orbiter.
It does not do it with the default vessels. I have a clean install. only addons I have is yours.
I also have a problem with the sound. I disabled the ambiant cabin noises, but they still play.
I don't know how to fix it, I havn't done a search for it yet, but I am fixing to.

I do not know if anyone else had the same problem I do. But if you do, please post what you
where doing at the moment orbiter CTD using Dan's DG.
Perhaps we can help him locate the problem faster that way.

The only other thing that makes it crash is if I have two DG loaded and say the anteni is out. if I swich to the
other DG, then swich back and go to the lower pannel, it CTD's as soon as I try to go to lower pannel.

Once again thanks for the addon! Hope we can get this fixes soon!


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