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Author Topic: reentry autopilot glitch  (Read 3858 times)

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Offline AA752

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08 August 2005, 03:43:55
Hey all. I was preacticing reentries today, and everythin was going well. I had alligned my orbital plane with Cape
Canaveral, dumped fuel to reduce my weight to well below the limit, and completed a de-orbit burn. I then sped the
time up. As I got close to reentry, I went back to normal time, and ran PRO103SPEC40 (or whatever the reentry
program is, I usually read it from the checklist. I forgot). As reentry began, level horizon executed at the same time as
the reentry AP, and it sent my DGIII spinning out of control. Anyone know why the level horizon AP is activating



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Reply #1 - 10 August 2005, 04:15:45
Perhaps you had hold-altitude autopilot on, which goes hlevel and fires hover thrusters so you never fall below the
altitude you started at.

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