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Author Topic: Some ideas for DGIV  (Read 20941 times)

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Offline MadMike

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Reply #75 - 13 September 2005, 12:18:44
DanSteph wrote:
MadMike wrote:
What makes you guys think there will be another DG by Dan
I hear hes very busy these days counting money

You mean that after giving you thousand hours of work for
free for your enjoyement it's still not enough and that I don't
deserve now to earn money from my work so my familly can live ?

I feel your message really insulting and unfair...


Sorry Dan it was not ment to be having a go at you
I would be one of the first to give you credit for your top rate contributions to the Orbiter Comunity
and I understand that with your work you deserve all the reward you can get.
and that your family should be your first concern

maybe I could have phased it better
I was just trying to say that it seams that somtimes people think you have nothing better to do than fulfill their

Offline canadave

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Reply #76 - 13 September 2005, 17:45:21
I was just trying to say that it seams that somtimes people think you have nothing better to do than fulfill
For what it's worth...that's how I had read it.

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #77 - 14 September 2005, 05:34:29
mhhh well my apologies then, after an hard day replying to many customers
and some bad mails (some customers seem to loose all their politness and education
after paying some $$$) it seem I was a bit upset and sensitive... also at least in french
such sentence "he count his money" sound really bad.

So again sorry to jump on you madmike.

Anyway as I still feel culprit to gain money from my work (yes I was educated like that :)
I'll explain a bit my current position here:

First I really love to program for Orbiter, the SDK is a dream, space is a passion
and I really wish I can start a DGIV bigger, better with more features.

But her real life come and put trouble on my wish: I am 40 old, lost my job in computer
department in 2004 because our company was bought by another (600 people jobless)
I searched a fixed job in 2004 but found none.
it seem a 40 old programmer is too old for Swiss company even I'm far better at programming
than 95% of the programmer I met in the computer department. (I don't want to say 100%
I didn't met them all ;)

So loosing my job was a big chance to start my own project (FsPassengers)
but the problem now is that I need enough income to pay the last years jobless and the incoming one.
You won't believe perhaps but shareware is not a goldmine, of course the income amount look really good
but if I divid it by 12 month it become not so good and by 24 month "really bad", in brief my familly
futur is not saved yet. (and FsP sale decrease and will decrease more and more until Fs2006 next summers)

So in brief the intteresting part: when the DGIV ? :)

when I'll have enough money to not question constantly myself about how
my familly will live in two or three years.

So, I need more idea, more shareware, more customers, in brief more work.
Being independant programmer isn't an easy live... I choosed it, now I need to work.

Notice that there will be one things that I'll still maintain for sure: OrbiterSound
in january 2005 even FsPassengers was still far from completion, I had no income at all
and was still wondering if it would sell or not I stopped the devellopment during
three weeks to write OrbiterSound and DGIII latest version.

All is not lost I say...


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Offline Me

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Reply #78 - 14 September 2005, 05:49:17
I hope things come toghether for you and i would like to say that i really enjoy fspassengers and all of your work and am
glad that you have been able to put forth time and energy for our play

Off topic: Have you looked at jobs from google, i am by far no expert on programming but it is one of my intrests and i know
they are constently looking for good people

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #79 - 14 September 2005, 06:49:51
About job I think that FsP will open some doors or at least
is a very good "visit card" for me, this said FsP is still at
start of its life so it's too early for me to thing about futur stuff.

I have still not done any advertising (mainly because of the lack of good advertising splash image
and because it take time)

I'm still working for the CD release.

I still have a lot of work to add more and more features and to solve some inconsistancy
and solve some bugs.

I have now a lot of support work, forum, customers, mails. I cannot quit my computer even one day.
(case of customer that paid with a wrong e-mail adress for example, this need immediate action)

After chritsmas I think FsP will be in the middle of its life and it will be time
to look about futur things... but I'm still busy like hell.


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