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Author Topic: A wish....50...30...10..."Shuttle has landed!"  (Read 3687 times)

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09 October 2004, 18:46:47
...the story behind...

Shuttle:    "Brighton Control, Shuttle one-five heavy. Direct from       
   ISS. 10 minutes to land. Request clearance."

BC:   "Good morning Shuttle 15. Itīs 5.30 a.m. earthtime. You are       
   cleared to pad 4. Report altitude 900."

Shuttle:      "One-five to pad 4.

Shuttle:   "Brighton, one-five at 900."

BC:   "One-five, you are cleared to land. Traffic at marker west,
   watch starting medical glider from pad 1. Refueling and
   oxygen-service on request."    

Well, here comes the big one (my really huge vessel). Switching to outside view.
Yes, there it is - Brighton Beach, not very busy, like always. Pad 4 direct in
front...speed 35, descent 5...looks good. Zooming now to my shipīs
'undercarriage'...(inspired by a scene from the movie ALIEN when the ship is
approaching the planets surface and the landing-legs are hardly moving under
'stress' because of this really heavy and huge vessel...

Back to my Shuttle (outside view)...

:-) HAL: "...50...30...10.....retard...."

I want to see now my undercarriage how it is hardly working at the moment of
touch down.....but...whatīs this??! Nothing! The vessel comes down like, hmm,
like "plop" finished! No, no, guys, thatīs not the way I like it. There should
be a rumbling, a shaking, vibrations, movements... shortly: I want a letīs say
more 'fragile' undercarriage - which can collapse. And not at a sinkrate greater
than 10 m/sec! The tolerance shoul be REAL! Well, thatīs my small wish.
However, I love this sim!


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