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Author Topic: Suggestion for the Custom HUD  (Read 2280 times)

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28 March 2004, 16:27:19

I would like to make a suggestion for the custom HUD.

Cany you please implement More Planetary infromation stuch as...
Abient temperature,
Palnet Name
Gravity Constant
Planetary orbital infor (maybe)

Well you get the idear


Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 29 March 2004, 12:55:52
I would more see those infos in the computer display as they don't
update frequently.
An hud is made to keep an eyes on value that change constantly.


Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #2 - 29 March 2004, 13:18:41
What I really have problems with is:
- the inclination. I would LOVE to have geocentric indication, not just ecliptic. The concept is rather unintuitive, but the
math behind is supposed to be simple. So you could actually have a 0 deg inclination, which would in reality mean an
equatorial orbit.
- The possibility to change plane with regard to a custom reference, you put in as LAT and LONG, such as vernal
equinox (not necessarily a target ship/base) or something like that. But I guess that's a question for Martin or the
designer of Align MFD.

A special MFD, which would be a combination of TransferMFD and SyncMFD, to be used for rendez-vous with orbiting
targets... Example: You take off for ISS and end up in a LEO at say 210x210km. And ISS 100-150kms higher. Now to
execute an approach, you either need to use the Sync and usually burn quite some fuel to get into the proper orbit.

On the other hand, if you use the TransferMFD, to see if and when you will intercept the ISS if you are behind and
below it, you can't see more than one orbit ahead, plus the DeltaV settings are highly inaccurate. I admit I haven't
tried it with TransX.  

So what you need it; how much deltaV, in which direction (preferable prograde, but it may also have outward
components and you can possibly throw in a plane correction as well) and when, to intercept (or rather intersect) the
ISS orbit and to also have the ISS there at the same moment. When you get there you do the normal dock approach
with the dock HUD. I bet all of your have tried to do something like this before, not being forced to wait almost twice
the nominal orbit time to get in the correct position and being too low to approach via retrograde burn.

The MFD could POSSIBLY calculate the timing, direction and deltaV for you.. And if it can manage THAT, I'm sure it's
just a tiny step to have the MFD help you achiave a direct approach = liftoff-ascend to orbit-rendes-vour-dock all in
one sequence, less than an orbit after takeoff. Been discussing this with Harmsway, but I am more data dependant
and less intuitive than he is.


PS: If it's wishful thinking just tell me to shut up :)


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Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #3 - 29 March 2004, 13:33:31
Oh, apropos :)

You could have the same MFD the other way around, to help you target your deorbit burn, and fall to your landing site
balistically, especially on a non athospheric body. Like Apollo type mission.


"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15


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Reply #4 - 29 March 2004, 20:06:33
I'd also like to see the true altitude for the periapsis and apoapsis in the MFD.  Not the distance from the center of the
planet or body, but the distance from the surface.  It's confusing to see the Alt reading on the hud and then the
conflicting data in the Orbit MFD.  I don't know how high I am, or if I'm on a crash course with the surface.

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Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #5 - 29 March 2004, 21:07:05
Hey Felix,

Dan's already covered that. I had the same problem, keeping radii in my head. If you're flying the DG2/3 than all you
need to do is press D 2, the second display shows you the true apoapsis and periapsis.

If you're flying something else, your request is quite valid :)


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"Mood is a matter of choice. I choose to have fun!" -Vidmarism No 15