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Author Topic: Question/Suggestion for Dan  (Read 1681 times)

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Offline azimuth

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16 February 2004, 22:31:42
DanSteph, thanks for your awesome work again!

I had a thought. Would it be possible to somehow implement a vehicle/rover in DGIII??? I know
there is little space in it, but pehaps you cold find some (maybe on the bottom), so crew memebrs
could go inside and drive around?? That would be awesome!!! (Maybe you could even make a


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Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #1 - 17 February 2004, 10:03:25
Hey azimuth, I agree, but let's wait for Dan to catch his breath :)

He completelly surprised me with the AE-25 antenna already, so I'm pretty sure, he's got more
ideas up his sleeve :) but we should leave him to it, just like dr. Martin.


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