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Author Topic: Very muddy sound  (Read 1805 times)

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12 January 2004, 22:42:19
I have read through these fourms and I appologise if you have previously discussed this problem
with another individual.
I have OrbiterSound 2.5 installed and every time, no matter what sequence of installation I use, in
all the Orbiter situations I get horrible clicking, thudding, static distortion sounds and weather I am
inside or outside the cockpit makes no differance. I do notice that if I change my video to emulation
RGB is goes away, but playing at 1600x1200 I only get a slide show. I have uninstalled my video
and audio drivers several times and spanned several versions of each to try and isolate a codec
problem, thus far my efforts have proven useless. I read a thread posted some time ago regarding
the NASSP 4.0 apollo missions and I am having the identical problems, unfortunatly the fixes listed
under that thread do not work for me. Please help if you can. I am running an Intel PIII850Mhz
processor with an Nvidia GForce4 TI4200 64mb video card and Phillips Rythmic edge with 32mb
memory and 384mb of system memory. I use only the level 9 textures and experience flawless
video under direct3d HAL T&L @ 1600x1200 resolution 32 bit color. I also notice that when I render
the constialtions (press F9) the pops and click lessen considerably but do not go completely

Thank you in advance,
Aric Roy

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 12 January 2004, 23:52:27
It seem at first to me that your processor may be on knee
having pain to process the sound but it could be something else.
1600x1200 seem a bit high to me for a 850 (I'm running 1184 on a p4 1.7 ghz ti4200 128mo)
Orbiter seem to "eat" process time, it run well but doesn't let many place for other process.

please try those and feedback how it goes:
-try to lower the resolution and see if the click disappear or lessen
-try to reinstall directx
-try to lower the hardware acceleration of your sound card
-feedback how many FPS you have when the click occure.

I don't know the phillips card and how it handle directx
but I know I had big trouble with kxdriver "zero latency"
especially done for midi music (vst cubase) I had to deinstall
them so I cannot do music and programing orbiter in same time :sad:

So this could have something to do with the buffer size, latency etc etc
of your souncard. Do you have some setting that you can alter
as latency ?


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