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Author Topic: refuelling DG2  (Read 1870 times)

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01 January 2004, 21:38:06
Thanks to Dan's autopilot, I got into orbit from the KSC runway, rendezvoused with the ISS to
refuel, jumped to Mir (refuel) and made Moon orbit. By using the DG2 as a bus (came down a bit
short of base), I was able to get to Brighton Beach. Now I'm low on fuel and can't seem to find
any. I've tried all the pads. The oxygen pressure is 10.4, but the fuel pressure is zero. What am I
not doing?

Offline Dave Grover

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Reply #1 - 01 January 2004, 23:00:14
Hey, this sounds like me!  Except the refueling problem.  :)

I have the exact same mission profile going.  My DG2 is at Brighton Beach, and I am trying to
decide whether to return to Earth or go for a Mars mission.

Did you open the fuel hatch?  You need to do that at a base.  Then it doesn't come up right away.  
The base drives a fuel truck out to you and it plugs in, then you will have fuel pressure.  There is
no graphics involved, but you will hear the truck engine then cluck-thud, and you have fuel

So, open the fuel hatch and wait a minute or two.

If this doesn't work, "What?!?!?  It worked for me!"


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Reply #2 - 02 January 2004, 18:36:08
Thanks. The fuel truck showed up eventually after opening the nose.

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