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Author Topic: Dans Virtual Sailor Webpages  (Read 2119 times)

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Offline harmsway

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30 November 2003, 17:07:36
Dan what happened to your VS pages? You still have a link to them on your links page. I like all the VS add-ons you made. I think I downloaded all of them. But most of all I hate to see your 3D model tutorial missing. A worthwhile page even for Orbiter modelling.



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Reply #1 - 30 November 2003, 20:23:45
About VS, do you know of any site where you can upload , VS models that we've made, something
like avsim is for Orbiter ?

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #2 - 30 November 2003, 21:48:38

I didn't thought anyone was still watching those page,
I'm glad someone noticed it's missing :)

I planned to update my model (designed for VS5) but as
I didn't find time I was thinking it's better to delete
the site instead of letting old model available.

Anyway the whole site is still on my HDD I may put
it back online again but the site need a complete
design refresh.


You can upload them on Ilan papini's site.


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