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Author Topic: DG Panel Sounds  (Read 1664 times)

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22 November 2003, 04:29:24
Hi Dan,

I'm getting some weird sounds out of the panel...sounds like it is confused :D

I think it might be a conflict with some of the MFDs...hard to tell from my end. But turning some off
seems to affect these odd sounds. You might want to try to duplicate this...I have all of the major
3rd party MFDs active.
Not sure if it can even be fixed...just a heads up.

I had this same issue with the new shuttles and the Saturn V in the previous Orbiter build...they
come with sounds if I recall.

A bit of info...

Latest build of Orbiter
Win98 2nd
Soundblaster Live
Fast Computer


Looking VERY much forward to the new DG :)

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Reply #1 - 22 November 2003, 16:26:43
If I recall well one of the navigation MFD do replace the sound of the panel.
If you got one sound instead of another that's it.

Anyway I can't recall on my life wich MFD do this..

or perhaps it's another trouble ?


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