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Author Topic: DGII Panel MFD Target change  (Read 1748 times)

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Offline harmsway

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26 August 2003, 18:40:59
I've notice that when using certain MFD's with DGII that the selected taget will change on its own.
This happens when I move from the DGII panel displaying MFDs down to the lower panel with the
enironmental controls. Upon jumping back to the main display panel the orginal target set in the
MFD has changed.

This happens with the Attitude MFD and therefore may not be a DGII issue, but rather something
that needs correcting in the Attitude MFD. If I expereince this with other MFDs I'll let you know.

Dan, before I run off and blame the Attitude MFD add-on what do you think is happening?


Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 29 August 2003, 22:51:00
Sorry Gene I don't have any idea of what happen here... :wonder:


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