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Author Topic: Pictures of NASSAC'S first mission  (Read 3078 times)

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04 July 2003, 22:03:10
Here are some pictures of the Nassac mission using the Delta Glider II. I am working on the videos
but must compress them before I can upload them. I have over 3 GB of selected clips to compress
down. I will upload only the highlights of launch, docking, reentry and EVA. Thanks Dan for the
upload space so I can share this great adventure with the the Forum. If any ever come out to
Berlin, MD near Ocean Cirty MD be sure to send me an email at  and I would
gladly let you experience Orbiter in the simulator. Now that the mission is over I am going to
concentrate on finishing up our web site. We are also plannning another mission for November or

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Reply #1 - 05 July 2003, 01:51:14
mhhhh !

I tried to edit your post so the image are shown (img tag)
but it don't work for FTP stuff....

mhhhh I'll try to modif the forum code so it'll work



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Reply #2 - 05 July 2003, 01:58:11
Ok the IMG code now work for ftp link
John don't forget to add the IMG tag so the picture
are shown (see help at top)

Nice pic :)

If an image show :badlink: broken link right click on it
and click "show image"


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Reply #3 - 05 July 2003, 02:09:15

About picture I would say that you must convert some of the bigger one
to a max of 800x600 most don't fit even in my 1200x1024 screen res.
(and most guy have still 1024x768 screen res so 800x600 would be good
for a comfortable view by most)

What about a special html page with your picture and
video ? I can host it also. You can then present your mission
in a friendler manner and you can also add comment
on the picture.

Let me know ?


PS: I love the apollo rocket by .. jove how did you constructed it ?


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Reply #4 - 05 July 2003, 04:48:35
Ok Dan, I will make the adjustments to the files as you suggested. As for the hosting the the
videos on a HTML site sounds great.  I'll get back to you on this. You are a great help. By the way
how is the project coming on the DGII update?

I am working on reinstalling my software for video capturing and I am having some trouble with
the file-"class not regonized" error. I am waitiing for DAZZLE'S tech support answers to
my questions. But in the mean time I can do some work on the videos I have already captured  in
another program.

As for the rocket:

It is a half scale Mercury Redstone rocket from the Mercury program. It is 42 feet high and 5 feet in
diameter. The bottom 2/3rds of the rocket is made from an old muffler from a boiler and covered
with a high gloss vinyl material. The upper 1/3 is a stainless steel water tank turned upside down
with a 55 gallon drum cut to form the top part of the mercury capsule. The escape rocket is 10 inch
heavy gauge smoke pipe reinforced with internal ribs and the escape motors are plastic soda
bottles painted red. The fins are constructed from a wooden ribed frame covered with aluminum
sheeting. The rudders are movable. The rocket engine in the bottom of it, is made of an old oil
burrner with a 2.00 gallon nozzel. We fill an onboard tank with 100 PSI compressed air. We load
the throat of the rocket engine with smoke bombs. When the kids simulate  launching this baby, a
selonoid valve opens forcing compressed air into the chamber and a three foot flame shoots out
from the rocket with tons of smoke. It is very convincing fire and smoke. The kids love it.  
I have some picts on this if any body is interested. The Rocket is our symbol  for NASSAC and has
created a lot of interest in the community. It also makes great background for pictures. After all,
what is a space camp without a rocket?  Note that the crew is wearing white hats. The hats are
from Apollo 13 and say, "Failure Is Not An Option". If the mission is a success the crew will be
allowed to wear the white hats, if the mission is not successful the white hats will not be worn.  A
little tradition is important.


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Reply #5 - 05 July 2003, 11:14:47
I sent smaller pictures.


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Reply #6 - 05 July 2003, 17:27:56
All I can say after viewing these pictures  I am beyond words at how absolutely cool
this is.  I'm pondering making a special trip to Maryland just to experience this!!!! ;)

I await the videos with bated breath......


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