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Author Topic: Where is DG II Download?  (Read 2058 times)

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K Bailey

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19 June 2003, 15:28:19
I've looked around your site...I can't find where to dounload the Delta Glider II.  Help...


Offline Michelle Megan

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Reply #1 - 19 June 2003, 18:00:11
Hello KB :)

To download the G-SNDO or also called the DG2.
Click the word home at the top of this page... then scroll down and you will see the DG2
information, within the info theres a line that sais click here to download etc. etc...

Have a good one KB. ;)


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K Bailey

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Reply #2 - 19 June 2003, 18:17:19
:stupid: >duh!<  No wonder I couldn't find's in plain sight! Thanks!


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