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Author Topic: Question : Align Planes and DGII Turbo  (Read 2137 times)

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Offline G-LOC

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07 June 2003, 23:24:30
When I use the align orbital planes MFD, it gives me a time how long to thrust (Tth). Do i have to use
main thust with Turbo or without Turbo? Or a mixture of both?

Offline DannyS

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Reply #1 - 08 June 2003, 00:47:07
I would say without turbo but I imagine it wouldnt matter because you would theoretically align
faster with turbo on.

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Offline Michelle Megan

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Reply #2 - 08 June 2003, 03:33:32
Hello :)

Myself I guage the need for turbo burn based on the size of plane change to make. If for example
the difference is only 6.02 I use only full normal burn, If a larger deflection is present like 18.54
then I will use some Turbo for about 40% of the needed allignment.

As you can picture the longer you need to burn the longer other variables come into play since the
earth is still moving consistently. this really come into play when doing a planet to planet flight
such as Earth to Mars.
The ejection Burn needed for escape tends to be a long one and if you maintain only a regular non
turbo burn for ejection your intended ejection point might move a bit, since as time passes during
the burn the planet your trying to leave is still moving / Orbiting the Sun.

So far though it's been a factor of feel and situational awareness guessing rather than an exact
calculation for me. The bottom line for me, is as long as you get where your trying to be and still
have some fuel for capture and docking or landing then you did it right.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse the question your posing :)


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