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Author Topic: Someone to Help to design an addon using SDK for GoFlight hardware  (Read 2105 times)

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John Abent

  • Guest
02 June 2003, 17:16:38
I am looking for someone who understandsSDK's,  Visual Basic or C++ to consider:

1. Helping me to understand how to go about writing a package that would allow orbiter to utilize
the USB Goflight Hardware for flight simulators. I am not a programer but I am willing to learn
what I can to make this a reality.  OR

2. Looking for someone to take the ball and run with it. It would open a whole new world for
Orbiter. The SDK for GoFlight is available for download at

I would like someone who understands how to use SDK's to look at this and tell me the posibilities
and guide me through the technical and programing procedures necessary to get GoFlight
Switches to work with Orbiter. If necessary I am willing to compensate you for your effort.

In a nut shell I am asking for help for something that at this time is beyond my training but would
very much love to get involved in.    

Please take a look at the Go FLight SDK and get back to me with your thoughts.

I already own all the Goflight switches and controls and will make them available to anyone
wishing to get seriously involved in this project.

John Abent


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Reply #1 - 12 June 2003, 15:31:20
No need to respond to this post, I have already lined up the help that I need and we are working
on the project. Thanks for your interest.


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