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Author Topic: Computer crashed  (Read 3162 times)

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Offline DanSteph

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18 May 2003, 14:41:13
ti4200 out and win xp totally down ???
Just finished fresh reinstall of Xp but now I need
to reinstall all the app and tune xp to fit my tast....

I coulndt simply "repair" the xp because he asked my admin
password that I never entered (preinstalled computer)

Grrrrrrr it's when I have problem that I really HATE
windows....  asking my admin password for a repair ?
it's a joke or what ? XP isn't secured at all...

:grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:



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Reply #1 - 19 May 2003, 00:23:48
Hey Dan I think the default password for XP is "password" or just  a "blank" . Sorry to hear about
your crash. I know how frustrating widows can be but XP is much better than any previous
versions. There has been a few times I would like to have had Bill Gate's personal telephone
number.  Take care and hang in there.

John :)

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #2 - 19 May 2003, 03:53:09
In anythings there is goodness.... :)

A lot of space was lost on my Hdd by a lot
of file that I never use and I even wondered
for most of them what they where doing there. (thanks dell?)

Now my computer is back with formated hdd,
new xp install, clean directory install....
all application and data well classified
in a whole new directory system.

my hdd was 35go busy and now its only 6go with almost
all reinstalled.... (well it miss some mass data that I put on an other disk
but you get the picture)

I'm so happy with my new install that I think I will take a picture of the
directory tree on the C: and use it as a wallpaper :)

Once passed the first ranting I usually take pleasure for a fresh reinstall
(well, only if this isn't too frequent)

But even I think like you that Xp isn't bad at all I would never
use the xp looking.... ok those icon are cool??? (berk!!!) but it's so
The first time I was running xp on my p4 1.7 it was slower than
my well tuned win98 on a p400 .... . My programmer heart
break when I see all that proc time wasted for *eyes candy* (berk!!!)

Take care,

Dan ;)

Offline canadave

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Reply #3 - 20 May 2003, 11:18:18
Hey Dan! :)

Been awhile since I posted last....busy looking for a "real" job (apparently my wife feels that living
on bread crumbs isn't sufficient!)

I see you reinstalled XP.  Isn't that fun? ;)  In another thread you mentioned all the customisation
you had to do...I feel your pain.  I had to reinstall XP a couple of times about a month ago, and
each time the customization took longer than the install!!!  And of course, all the customizing is to
get rid of the eye candy.  It's amazing how much faster XP will run once the eye candy crapola is

Just to make sure (on the off chance that I might give you a tip that will warm your programming
heart) go to Performance and Maintenance, and disable all the visual effects except for
smoothing screen fonts, right?  And then you also change the ShowMenuDelay setting in your
registry from 400 to 0?

By the way, we'd like to welcome your Prime Minister to our country!  Bienvenue! ;)


Offline DanSteph

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Reply #4 - 22 May 2003, 05:26:32
Hello Dave,

What's happening with AE35 ? ;)
.....err.... wait...
oooops forgive me , wrong brain program (I just woke up 5am :)
yes long time you didn't wrote, we miss you
:friend: how's life going for you ? a real job you said ?

About XP I disable everything I can, in fact ALL the eyes candy
and also some program such netmeeting.

About registry appart the 400 menudelay I apply also a lot
of modification. Amazing how Ms product are full of crap unless
you tune them a bit....

After that I work to add all the shortcut as explained
in my other post and tune some program as MSVC++
that need some manual work to be "leveled" (I have only
the "old" 5.0 version)

About util proggy I don't have all the last version for example
ACDSEE was good one time (95 version) But as all those programmer
feel that their program MUST also cook and wash they usually end
in "big fat & slow" like real (berk!!!) quicktime (berk berk!!!) acdsee 98
(berk!!!) and some other...  

I just applied the xp service pack 1 (40 mo) the install is almost
finished ... I'm happy all went smooth and all is well organised now.

Well, I must hurry to go to work....




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Reply #5 - 28 May 2003, 19:03:59
XP repair is glitchy..dont do repair at the first screen, thats just a custom dos prompt, instead, go
past it with install, THEN choose repair at the next screen. it should simply reinstall new files over
old, retaining your registry

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #6 - 28 May 2003, 20:03:57
I tried that but no luck, only a black screen (this was my problem)

Anyway all is reinstalled fresh and clean I'm happy now.


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