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Author Topic: FAILED vessel sound ???  (Read 3805 times)

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Curl Snout

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17 May 2003, 16:52:59
The grumbling pre-launch sounds are back (see post below from me dated 05-01-03 for a
description).  I realized that by deleting the Saturn 1B folder from the Sound directory that I was
missing out on some good stuff, so I put it back in.  Of course, the grumbling pre-launch sound
returned immediately.

The OrbiterSound_Log.txt file looks like this:

Orbiter Sound Log Started
Vessel sound FAILED TO LOAD WAV missing wav file ?->

I checked, and discovered that I was missing this wav file (Saturn1B\click.wav).  I went back to the
NASSP v4.0 zip, extracted it into a temp folder outside of Orbiter, and copied the missing file into
the appropriated destination (Orbiter\Sound\Saturn1B).  The grumbling sound persists and the
OrbiterSound_Log keeps reloading the same error message indicating that this particular wav file
fails to load.


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