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Author Topic: DGII Update  (Read 4758 times)

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05 April 2003, 13:54:36

What is the lattest version of the G-SNDO Beta? I have March 11, but was not sure I was running the most recent download.

Also I put together web pages to review add-ons. I have a review for DGII even though it's only a beta. I hope you don't mined.


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Reply #1 - 05 April 2003, 20:15:29
Hello Gene,

the latest version is 11 march , (the doc is only available as separate download for now)

Thanks for your review :)

notice that the calculus will only be
available in the upcoming version.

Btw nice and usefull site , one of the problem  for newcomer is to sort
beetween the add-on so your review are really usefull I will add your
site in my link (soon).


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Offline harmsway

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Reply #2 - 05 April 2003, 22:24:57
<b>notice that the calculus will only be
available in the upcoming version.</b>

Yes I did notice that, but only after I posted the page. Maybe your next version will be out before I
get around to making the correction. ;)

You may have noticed I got the add-on review idea from Virtual Sailor Shipyard

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