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Author Topic: 2001: Do svidaanja MIR  (Read 975 times)

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Offline ar81

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10 June 2008, 21:19:30
I came to discover that MIR means "peace" and it went down to Earth on 2001.
I recall I made some arts depicting the fall of MIR before I ever saw how it would look.
I called those pictures "do svidaanja MIR" (goodbye peace) and I did not know how true those words are.

Superstitions use to correlate the pass of celestial bodies associated to a symbology to facts taking place on Earth.
If I was supertitious, I would think that it was some kind of prophecy, because peace of the world indeed ended in
2001 and has not been recovered.

Just a funny note...

I wonder what MIR meant to you...

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