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Author Topic: "Reskinning"  (Read 905 times)

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Offline Comrade Mudkipzhov

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17 April 2008, 22:33:50
Hullo again, i have been trying to swap the textures of two ships, (more specifically the CVE-lite Buran and the Buran BETA,
and for you who wonders, i believe I'm not in violation of the copyright law, the modification is for private use, and will
not redistribute it).

However, I've runt into trouble... I can only find 1 texture (dds) file that the Beta Buran uses, which is the one of the
payload bay, and when i swap that one with the CVE-lite one, (which are similar in the layout and scale), only the inside of
the cargo bay changes, and it is slightly out of scale.

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong... and i have the notion that I'm doing something terribly wrong. :bug: But I'm new to
this... VERY new... :help:

So I'm wondering... what files should be edited, and what file points at the texture files that the craft uses?


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