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Author Topic: MER  (Read 1886 times)

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Offline 4weeksholiday

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09 April 2007, 12:32:45
this is the error i keep getting when i'm using the 'spirit Landing' see if the spirit lander is there or not i
zoom in right in to see and it is.and this is the orbiter log message:
**** Orbiter.log
Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929]
Devices enumerated: 3
Devices accepted: 3
==> RGB Emulation
==> Direct3D HAL
==> Direct3D T&L HAL
Found 0 joystick(s)
Module AtlantisConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module DGConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module EnergyConfigurator.dll [API v.060425]
Module OrbiterSound.dll [API v.041022]
Module TrackIR.dll [API v.060425]
TrackIR module not found.
Module ScnEditor.dll [API v.060425]
Module Rcontrol.dll [API v.050206]
Module Meshdebug.dll [API v.060425]
Module Framerate.dll [API v.050206]
Module FlightData.dll [API v.050206]
Module ExtMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module CustomMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module InterMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module Fuel.dll [API v.050206]
Module LandMFD.dll [API v.050206]
Module InterMFD421.dll [API v.050206]
Module LaunchMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module GPCMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module CamControl.dll [API v.050206]
Module AutoFCS.dll [API v.050206]

**** Creating simulation session
DirectDraw interface OK
Direct3D interface OK
Zbuffer: 32 bit
Stencil buffer: 8 bit
Render device: Fullscreen 1024 x 768
Device has hardware T&L capability
Module Sun.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(E) Sun: Precision 1e-006, Terms 554/6634
Module Mercury.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Mercury: Precision 1e-005, Terms 167/7123
Module Venus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Venus: Precision 1e-005, Terms 79/1710
Module Earth.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Earth: Precision 1e-008, Terms 2564/2564
Module Moon.dll [API v.041022]
ELP82: Precision 1e-005, Terms 116/829
Module Mars.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Mars: Precision 1e-005, Terms 405/6400
Module Phobos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Deimos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Galsat.dll [API v.041022]
Module Jupiter.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Jupiter: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1624/3625
Module Io.dll [API v.041022]
Module Europa.dll [API v.041022]
Module Ganymede.dll [API v.041022]
Module Callisto.dll [API v.041022]
Module Satsat.dll [API v.050206]
Module Saturn.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Saturn: Precision 1e-006, Terms 2904/6365
ERROR in configuration file for Saturn: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
Module Mimas.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Mimas: Terms 113
Module Enceladus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Enceladus: Terms 33
Module Tethys.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Tethys: Terms 101
Module Dione.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Dione: Terms 59
Module Rhea.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Rhea: Terms 68
Module Titan.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Titan: Terms 100
Module Hyperion.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Hyperion: Terms 595
Module Iapetus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Iapetus: Terms 605
Module Uranus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Uranus: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1827/5269
Module Neptune.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Neptune: Precision 1e-006, Terms 391/2024
Finished initialising world
Module Spacecraft.dll [API v.050206]
Finished initialising status
Finished initialising camera
Finished initialising panels
Finished setting up render state
>>> ERROR: No vessel class configuration file found for:
>>> ERROR:
>>>        [C:\Source\Orbiter\Vessel.cpp / 248]
lov to know what is going on.

Offline Quick_Nick

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Reply #1 - 09 April 2007, 18:45:30
I think there is a missing/messed up .cfg, missing/messed up .dll, or a messed up .scn
More on the cfg.


Offline melinda

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Reply #2 - 11 April 2007, 09:26:25
i got that to

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Offline 4weeksholiday

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Reply #3 - 11 April 2007, 09:26:59
Quick_Nick wrote:
I think there is a missing/messed up .cfg, missing/messed up .dll, or a messed up .scn
More on the cfg.

when i press 'j' to jettison the 'bag' i just a critcal error message.and the sam with 'opportunity' as well.

Offline melinda

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Reply #4 - 11 April 2007, 09:28:55
it will work on simnasa3
(mental blank)

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