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Author Topic: "Go Play In Space" tutorial ebook now available  (Read 2838 times)

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Offline AndyMc

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17 September 2005, 09:40:38

I thought those of you who haven't visited the M6 forum lately would be interested in this:

Available for download, here and here


"Go Play In Space" by Bruce Irving

Table of Contents (top level)

Introduction: Would you like to fly in space?

Chapter 1: Before you get started
Learn how to download, install, configure, and run Orbiter 2005.

Chapter 2: Smack!
After docking with another Delta Glider, undock, separate, and fix up a bad orbit.
Plus: Space Tourist Time

Chapter 3: Hovering at the Beach
Spend a day at the Beach, hovering and polishing your thruster control skills.

Chapter 4: Fly Me to the Moon
Sinatra? Apollo 8? No, just launch the trusty DG from KSC and go orbit the Moon.

Chapter 5: Learning and Doing More
Additional tutorials, web sites, books, and other resources to expand your space flight skills.

Chapter 6: A Bit About Add-ons
Learn about some of the many add-ons available to enhance your Orbiter experience.

Chapter 7: I Was Just Wondering...
Answers for selected questions about orbits, Orbiter, and other space stuff.

Epilogue: Your Future In Space
Thoughts about the future and the need for people to pursue real space careers (also some info on Mars Direct).

Appendices (Joystick notes, Scenario Files, Glossary & acronyms)"



Offline killingsnake

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Reply #1 - 18 September 2005, 00:39:27
Wow 8o8o, finally a manual from basic to the top! Even now when i'm only reading, not testing it yet, I sence this is a
great manual, really user friendly!:applause: :applause::applause::applause::applause:   Good work Bruce
Irving!!! :wor::wor:. I really think this has  taken really many hours, like he says. I'm really impressed.....
Has to become a sticky :):). Now excuse me, I'm gonna divour it from the first to the 136 page :):):)

Greetings, Snake

Offline Me

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Reply #2 - 18 September 2005, 00:43:52
I wish that this existed when i first started with orbiter :stupid: :)

9 * 6=42
(O.o )
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Offline killingsnake

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Reply #3 - 18 September 2005, 13:21:40
Yea, when I discovered Orbiter, at an age of 12, I just had to guess what the apoapis and periapis whas. Just
by "playing" with it, i figured out after some time that it was the highest  and lowest point of the orbit. It took me
almost 2 years, but I finally figured it out. :) :lol: Then, next step was getting a stable orbit, took me some time
to... :lol: :hot:

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Greetings, Snake