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Author Topic: How to easily install NASSP 8 beta in Orbiter  (Read 1365 times)

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Offline majid

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21 January 2023, 07:35:54
Hey all.

I made a video showing how to install latest NASSP 8 beta in a fresh Orbiter r90 beta install using the orb mod installer from

If you'd rather do the install manually instead of using orb, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Grab the Orbiter beta r90 from here:
and extract it into a new folder. This will be the root orbiter directory.
2. Grab a copy of Orbiter 2016 from here:
and extract only the Textures directory into your orbiter root.
3. Grab the D3D9client for this orbiter beta here, extract it into orbiter root:
4. Download and extract the microtextures from here:
5. Download and extract the NASSP 8 beta from their github:
6. Install Orbiter Sound 5
7. Launch Orbiter, and turn on non-spherical gravity sources, and set surface elevation to linear interpolation
8. Enjoy! That's it

Offline majid

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Reply #1 - 15 June 2023, 03:29:16
Experimenting with new way of packaging. Introducing Orbiter Nassp8 edition:

Unzip, double clicking the "orb_install_nassp.bat" installs orbiter/nassp8 beta in the current directory, properly configured and ready to be used. Enjoy.

Dedicated to Folgers/rcflyinghokie