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Author Topic: [Closed] Low temperature re-entry for DGIII (outdated)  (Read 29091 times)

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Offline Travis Reed

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Reply #25 - 28 December 2006, 23:54:28
I've not had much of a problem with landing on Earth as long as I use the ReEntry autopilot built into the DG3/4 along with
BaseSyncMFD to help line it up.

However, I'm struggling with Mars landings again (it's what I get for not landing on Mars for awhile). I'm not burning (hard
to do that on Mars), but I do tend to overshoot my target base alot and most recently, end up crashing when I finally run out
of momentum (on the other side of Mars from my target base). I've been using the Reentry AP and BaseSyncMFD. Anyone know the
best settings to use for BaseSync (Reentry Angle, Reentry Anticipation, Reference Altitude, etc)? And what AoA should I be
holding with the Reentry AP? What altitude should my starting orbit be at?

Offline Twilight

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Reply #26 - 29 December 2006, 00:53:42
Use Imageshack for image hosting, you make it so it doesn't have any ads if you do it right.

Also, if I recall correctly, Earth->mars trip takes years, afterall Earth>Moon is 7 days.

Offline Travis Reed

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Reply #27 - 29 December 2006, 09:45:06
I usually can make it to Mars in 6-12 months. I used to have a scenario set up where I could do it in 3 months.

I could have sworn I posted this reply earlier. If this turns out to be a double post, I apologize.

Offline hfbldprince

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Reply #28 - 30 December 2006, 16:49:44
well, your links arent working. could you get some working links plz?

Offline skookum

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Reply #29 - 02 January 2007, 07:53:59
The key to re-entry in the DG III/IV is vertical speed managment. When your temps rise above 650 degrees, bring your vertical
speed to zero and let the heat bleed away. Never let your VS fall below -75 m/s until your mach 3 or less. If your fast and
high, you can still increase your AOA. You'll notice you cannot maintain zero VS at AOA's of more than 30 degrees, even when
wings level. Use 25 deg AOA up high and gradually reduce to 15 by about 55 KM in altitude.

Follow your velocity/distance display in GPCMFD. Don't be afraid to let it slip a little high early on. You'll get draggier
later on. Just remember, if your nosecone temp says 650C and it is going up, level out IMMEDIATELY and re-establish VS
control. Then plan your next S-turn.

I'm still trying to figure out how AEROBRAKE MFD works. As soon as I do, and I come up with a protocol that makes sense, I'll
post it here. This will make it possible to land anywhere easily (not just at the cape ie.GPC)

Also, I'll record my next re-entry and post the telemetry data here.

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I'm a space cadet too!

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #30 - 02 January 2007, 08:01:46
Thanks for tips skookum, you are right vertical speed is the key.
Howewer I close this old and outdated thread as it can confuse people.
See the new one about DGIV reentry.



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